All critters accounted for

I was very glad to go down to where the sheep and goats are pastured and find the missing goat kid was actually in the ElectroNet with the rest of the critters.  I knew the fence wasn’t working properly yesterday morning, but I didn’t have time to mow the grass down to prevent it from shorting.  There was some charge to it, but apparently not enough to stop the goat kid from going through it to get with her friends. 

Last night I went ahead and completely moved the fence to a new location so when I brought them back down this morning, they had fresh pasture to enjoy.  Before we went out this morning, I informed both dogs that we were going to do it without loosing anyone this time around.  After yesterday’s incidents, I wasn’t up to crawling through brush or hunting lost critters.  They both obliged and we got everyone down there this morning without incident.

 Tomorrow morning I am going to go to an agility class in Salisbury.  This will be the first time I’ve done agility in quite a while.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  Gel’s class is at 9 and Fern’s is at 10.  Gel seems to be completely sound, but I’ll watch him carefully during class to make sure his injury from being kicked Wednesday night isn’t troubling him.

On my way to work this morning I contemplated moving my agility field.  Right now it’s at the beginning of my property, adjoining the neighbor’s property.  This neighbor has six (or more) ill-mannered dogs that they let run loose on their 18 fenced-in acres.  It doesn’t take much for a pack of dogs to become fence-running, fence-fighting fiends and that’s exactly what they are; at least they are contained.  When these neighbors first moved in, they thought it would be okay to just let their dogs run free.  I lost several cats to these dogs and finally they fenced in their property. 

Whenever I go to where my agility equipment is and start working my dogs, the neighbor’s dogs start running the fence growling and barking.  It’s irritating, to say the least.  I can move my agility equipment to the far end of my property, but the footing isn’t going to be ideal.  I might be able fill in holes and improve the footing.  I’ll have to look closely at it this weekend and see if it’s possible.  It would be nice to move down there away from the neighbor’s dogs.  My landlord was going to install privacy fencing, but I know the dogs will still be up there barking and growling even if they can’t see us.  I could also move it into the back field that I am renting and the footing should be okay there, but keeping it mowed would be difficult.  A standard agility field is 100 feet x 100 feet, which is a good amount of mowing when all you have is a push lawn mower.  I could conceivably use my sheep as lawnmowers.  Decisions, decisions.