Just some pictures

The Piedmont Border Collie newsletter editor asked for a photograph of Gel to use in their upcoming newsletter.  I have a million photographs of Gel, but do you think I could find one that I like when I needed it?  So I went out and took a few last night.  Got one I liked a lot, it catches the essence of Gel:

And here’s two of Fern:



As always, click on the photograph to see a larger size.

I brought the goats and sheep down to the back pasture this morning.  I brought down four steel T-posts and a tarp and made a shade (rain?) cover for them to use today.  Hopefully it will stay up.  I just re-set the ElectroNet late last week and already I need to remow the path.  Johnson grass grows quickly!

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  1. I don’t recall seeing a picture of Gel with his face pointing towards the camera before. It’s a bit different than I pictured it! You have two very beautiful dogs, and I love all the pictures. The new ones up on the header of the webpage are good choices, by the way. They all set the tone for the site very well.

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