Good news, bad news; mostly bad news.

A woman from Canada was supposed to pick up three puppies today, one for her; two to be transported to other people in Canada. She didn’t show up. Somehow it didn’t surprise me. She had been MIA several times in the past. She didn’t come across as someone you could rely on and warning bells were going off right and left about her for the past month. For all I knew, she could have come here, taken the three puppies and then went MIA again.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and this woman would not have been a good caregiver for one of the puppies. Unfortunately this now leaves three puppies available.

Good news: had the puppies temperament tested by two experienced individuals, one a National-level agility competitor and they all tested very, very well. It was a fascinating process. More on the temperament testing and the puppies’ trip there later.