Okay, it’s quite hot enough thank you!

I love living in the south, I really do; but there are times when I think I’d like to move to the North Pole.  I wonder how much gas it would take to drive to the North Pole.  Oh well, I’ll have to live with it I guess.  The game plan this weekend is to move as much of the five tons of dirt I got delivered this week as possible without dying.  I figure if I get out there as soon as it’s light enough I should be able to get quite a bit done.  Then it’s back into the house to work on that bloody article that I was asked to write by Animal Wellness.  I appreciate the work, I really do, but they give me the most god-awful articles to write.  This one is on feline eye diseases.  After doing my initial research I wrote the editor and told her that I thought this was an article best written by a veterinarian.  She agreed, but said they couldn’t get a vet to commit to write it by the due date.  I am honored that they considered me qualified to write an article that they knew a vet should write, but that doesn’t make writing the darned thing any easier.  I figure I’ll write for a bit, then do some cleaning, then write some more, then clean some more.

Fern was sick earlier this week.  She scared me a bit because on Monday night she had some diarrhea that had a bit of blood in it.  She’s a bit old for parvo, but you can never be certain.  I consulted with my homeopath and we decided to give her the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium.  She responded well to Lycopodium the one time I gave it to her for car sickness.  Her current symptoms fit.  She’s better now thank goodness.  When I gave Fern her remedy, I re-dose Gel as well.  I had been meaning to do it, but didn’t get around to it.  His restlessness was escalating and he was due for a re-dose.  I gave them both their remedies Tuesday morning.  Tuesday evening, instead of pacing and constantly looking out the windows to keep track of the sheep and goats, Gel lied down on the floor and took it easy.  Homeopathy is amazing!

I bought a huge box of tomatoes today at the local farmer’s market.  I’m going to make sauce out of them.  I’ve been trying to eat as much local food on a daily basis as I can.  It takes extra effort, but the more and more I think about it, I don’t want to eat food that has been carried across country in a truck and exposed to who knows what processing.  My garden is starting to yield vegetables.  In another week I’ll have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.  There could be worst things in life.

After Tuesday, the lambs straightened out and are now behaving fine.  They cut and bailed the far back field so I plan to bring my panels down there and set them up for working.  Not that I’ll be doing a whole lot of work given the heat; but I will do some.  The beauty of goats is that they hold up better in the heat than sheep do so I can get away with working the goats when it’s hot.  There’s an ASCA trial near Atlanta the beginning of October.  I’m toying with going, but I don’t know.  It’s so expensive.  I’m waiting to see if I can get into a photography class that starts up next week.  It is an advanced class that teaches exposure settings, white balance, fill flash and shooting and processing camera RAW files. It also is supposed to show you how to set up your camera’s custom functions and menu features to help streamline your shooting methods (work flow). Also, how to process JPEG and RAW files using the latest computer applications (Photoshop and Photoshop Elements). It will also explore: black & white conversions, file management, renaming files, archiving procedures, color management using ICC profiles, monitor to print matching, printing solutions and paper types.  I had to send a portfolio of my work to the instructor.  It starts Thursday and goes for six weeks.  The class is held practically next door to my office building from 6 until 9 PM.  That’s going to be a bit tricky.  I’ll need to get someone to check in on my dogs.  I can leave the sheep and goats up in the fenced-in area on that day.  This is something I’d really like to do so I hope I can arrange everything.

I don’t know if I’ll go to agility on Saturday or not.  It’s supposed to be 94 degrees and the humidity is high.  Right now it’s 90 degrees at home, feels like 95.  That’s bloody hot!

It’s nice to have options and lots of things I can do with my dogs.