Bitches in heat

Okay, now I know why I don’t care to keep intact (unspayed) females.  When they go into heat, they are a pain in the butt to live with.  Well, maybe not so bad, but I can see a difference in Fern’s temperament now that she’s in what I think is in the first week of her heat cycle.  She’s getting taken off transport duty until she straightens out.  I plan to keep Fern intact until she is at least three at which point I’ll decide whether I want to breed her or not.  If I do breed her, it will be for one litter, then she’ll get spayed. 

I got into the photograpy class I mentioned on Friday!  I’m very excited about it.  It will be good for me.  I was talking to a friend about trialing on Saturday.  I told her after paying for this class I likely wasn’t going to have the available funds to trial for the next couple of months.  She then said (she’s a very wise friend): your dogs don’t care about trialing, why should you?  She’s right.  She also said I’d enjoy and get more out of that photography course than I would out of a trial, and she’s right.  I’m so looking forward to the class!  It is going to be a bit dicey dealing with the animals on that day given I won’t be home until 10 PM, but I’ll manage.

This morning was a rough one for my neighbor, Gail.  She was walking up the driveway that leads to Red’s house when she heard one of Red’s dogs, Charlie, screaming.  She thought he was chasing cats, but then she saw a coyote running across the top of the driveway with Charlie in his mouth.  Luckily, Gail’s Shepherd/Collie cross, Soupbone, went after the coyote so they knew where he had run to.  Gail got Red out of the house with his gun.  He shot up in the air and the coyote dropped Charlie.  Luckily Charlie is okay.  We’ve noticed that the barn cat population has been going down lately and that must be why: coyotes.  My sheep and goats are down in the far back pasture and while they are behind ElectroNet, I am worried about them.  I tried to test the fence this morning, but discovered the grounding stick that was attached to my tester had been dis-attached.  Not sure how that happened.  I don’t know if I can put it back together with electric tape or not.  I mowed the path for the fence on Sunday so there will be no interference with the charge so I expect it’s fully charged.  Still, I worry.

I put in an application to Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue this morning.  I have been thinking about getting a livestock guard dog for some time now and this may be the time.  I need to learn to shoot a gun too.  Ah, life in the country!