Yea for Arnica!

I went up to see about the neighbor’s dog last night.  He got carried off by a coyote yesterday morning.  He was in rough shape.  I went back home and got my vial of Arnica 1M and brought it back.  We dissolved a few pellets in a shot glass of water and Red gave it to the dog via a syringe.

I checked in with him this morning and he said the dog is much better, that he was up and about, moving better than he was last night.  He asked about what the pills were.  It’s hard to explain homeopathy to someone who has used nothing by conventional medicine his whole life.  I just told him it was a remedy that is indicated for trauma.  I told him how I had given it to Gel when he was kicked a few weeks ago and it worked because he wasn’t lame the day after and how I gave it to one of my cats who came home with a huge hunk of flesh missing from his foot (likely due to a turtle bite) and how he healed perfectly.

Yea for homeopathy!