So, what did you do before heading to work?

I got up at a little after 5 AM and took both dogs out to go to the bathroom.  Then came back in the house, turned my computer and the TV (for the news) on.  By then, the cats were all running around wanting their breakfast, which I needed to make.  I got the tools out and proceeded to skin, gut and grind six rabbits.  Fed the cats.  Then checked my e-mail and tried to download a Photoshop plug-in that I’ll need to shoot in RAW format.  That was not successful.  Went back out into the kitchen and cleaned up the mess I made by grinding rabbits, emptied the dishwasher, then washed the grinder parts and the other dishes that were in the sink.  Got the dogs and headed outside to let out the chickens and ducks, fed them, then started the ATV and sent Gel in to bring out the sheep and goats.  The plan was to take them up to Red’s today to spend the day (and night) in the fenced-in area with the pot belly pig.  I won’t be home until around 10 PM tonight, too late to bring the sheep and goats back from the back pasture.  I could have left them on the property, but there is a lot of grass and tasty (to goats and sheep) brush growing in the fenced-in area where the pot belly pig lives.  I was a bit concerned about bringing them up there after the coyote attack, but they are just as vulnerable at my house as they are up there.  By the way, progress is being made on getting a livestock guardian dog.  After we got the sheep and goats in the fenced in area, I filled up their water tub, then watched them for a while to make sure the pig wasn’t going to give them any trouble.  Red came out and we talked for a while.  Then I started the ATV and went through the back fields on the way home to give the dogs a run.  Got back to the house and watched the news for a few minutes.  Then ironed my clothes, took a shower and put on make-up.  Came back out into the kitchen and made a large batch of chicken salad (I poached the chicken breasts on Sunday).  Got that bagged up to go to work.  Cut up a cantaloupe and ate some of that and bagged up the rest.  Brought Gel and Fern outside and put Fern in her run.  Watered the potted plants around my house.  Then got in my car and headed to work.  Got in and felt like I had already done a full day’s worth of work.  It did feel good to accomplish so much while it was still reasonably cool.  One more hot day to go through and then it’s going to cool off.  Hopefully this will be the last extended heat wave for the summer.