Pyro goes to her new home.

Pyro went to a local fly ball home on Tuesday. Yes, I know, I do not have much good to say about fly ball, but to each their own. The couple that took her have another Border Collie that they are training to run fly ball (she’ll be ready to run in January) and were happy to take on a second trainee. According to the evaluators, Pyro was the puppy most suited for a fly ball home. Most dogs love fly ball so why begrudge something that a dog loves to do? I’m sure Gel would go berserk for fly ball, I’d go mad in a hall with that many barking dogs.

Pyro settled into her new home almost immediately which is encouraging. The new caregivers are going to try to keep her on a raw diet and agreed to minimally vaccinate her.

Scorch and Torch are scheduled to fly to Canada on Saturday to their new homes. Scorch is going to an agility/herding home and Torch is going to an agility home. That will leave me with just Inferno and Heatwave. Heatwave will stay with me until he’s nine to ten weeks old, then go to his new home where he will be a much-loved member of a family of four and when he’s old enough, running companion.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the free time when I have just Gel, Midge and Inferno.