Livestock Guardian Dog

The decision has been made and I sent out a deposit check today on a livestock guardian puppy.  She was born on Memorial Day so she’s about eleven weeks old now.  I go and pick her up on Saturday.  I’m waiting on pictures from the breeder and will put them up when I get them. She is a mixture of several different livestock guardian breeds, but is predominately Great Pyrenees with Anatolian, Komondor and Sarplaninac mixed in.  I like that she’s a combination of several different breeds as it represents hybrid vigor to me.  She is from a cross that has been done three times (this is the last time) and all of the puppies from the previous litters are in working homes.  Her mother is six, her father is nine and both are still going strong.  Her parents and siblings from previous litters are working at a dairy goat farm in North Carolina, almost to the Tennessee border.  Because she’s not pure Great Pyrenees, she isn’t going to have as heavy a coat as is normal for a Pyr which is attractive to me.  What was an important deciding factor on this puppy is that she hasn’t had the usual cocktail of puppy shots that most puppies receive today.  Yea!  Wally is going to ride up with me.  I’m sure we’ll enjoy seeing the dairy goat operation.

Now I really need to get the butchering process down as feeding a dog the size of a Great Pyrenees is going to require a lot of meat.  Yes, she will be fed raw.

Poor Gel is about to loose his mind.  Fern is not quite in standing heat yet, but she’s close.  He paces and pants and whines.  Pleasant, huh?  If it gets any worst, one is going to go out in the run while the other is inside.  Right now, one is crated while the other is out.  I decided to use Fern to take the goats and sheep out to graze this morning.  We took the lambs first.  It wasn’t pretty, but we got it done.  Two escaped and ran back to the fenced-in area and we let them go.  We came back for the goats and moving the two lambs and the goats was a bit of a trick because the goats kept doing the dropping back business that goats are so prone to do.  Fern kept trying to leave them behind, but I insisted that she go back for them.  It would have been quicker to use Gel, but I decided Gel’s mind wasn’t going to be on his work and quite frankly, I didn’t want to deal with him.  Got to get through this week and then things should get better.

The computer work spilled into Sunday which interfered with getting photographs for my class.  I went out in the afternoon and tried to get several cats to cooperate as models.  They wouldn’t.  Can’t say I blame them, it was too hot.  I took the kittens for a walk out into the back pasture and took some pictures, none of which were worth keeping.  I’m still learning about my camera’s settings and most of the time, I had them set wrong.  While out in the back field I was intent on photographing when suddenly an insect came flying out of the woods and hit my arm.  I brushed it off and realized it was a hornet.  I looked up and there, just a few feet away from me, was a huge hornet’s nest!  The hornets were starting to swarm.  I had Fern, four kittens and several adult cats with me.  We quickly got out of there.  I went down to the pond later with both dogs to talk to my landlady and Fern got too close to a tree where there is a Japanese Hornet’s nest.  One latched on to her side, I don’t think it was able to get through her fur to sting her, but it wouldn’t let go.  Fern was trying to bite it off, which probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.  I grabbed hold of Fern and the two of us went into the pond.  The dunking made the hornet let go.  Luckily no one, Fern, the cats or me, had any reaction to the bee stings we received.

Because I wasn’t happy with any of the photographs I got on Sunday, I went on a photo safari at lunch today.  I really didn’t enjoy it because I am not terribly interested in photographing buildings, people, flowers or the like.  What I did enjoy photographing, which I won’t be able to use for this assignment because inside the building was too dark and I need a flash to get the photographs, was this “sculpture” for lack of a better description.  It is a compilation of all sorts of things, things that people would normally throw out.  Here are a few of the images I took of it:



These images do not in any way give the entire sculpture justice as this is just a small piece of it and the images are too dark, especially the first one, but I liked how the light bulbs looked.  I need to go back and take complete images of the entire thing, but it’s cool, way cool.  I’ve seen it before, but forgot it was there until I was out walking and went past the building and remembered it.  If I worked in that building, I’d be down in the lobby watching the darned thing all day.  It has a lot of moving pieces.  Charlotte isn’t Boston, but there are some pretty neat things here.

It is much cooler today than it was yesterday so hopefully I can get the cats to cooperate in having their pictures taken.  I need to have the critter stay still long enough so I can take photos of the scene using several different exposure settings.  I can’t use my dogs because they are black.  What I might try to get tonight is those darned goats climbing on my agility equipment.  I don’t mind that they are doing it now because they are small, but eventually I’ll need to keep them off the equipment.  Of course the goats thought running across the dog walk and over the A-frame was pretty close to being in goat heaven.