Rushing to train.

I know I should be starting to do some training with Inferno and Heatwave, but lately, I am so tired, I want to go home and relax, not train! Lately I am happy just taking the dogs for walks after work. Here I am looking at eight week old puppies and thinking to myself, if I don’t get going training them, I’m going to miss out; then I think to myself, they are babies! Let them be puppies. I don’t allow them to be rude, bite me, chase cats, run crazy through the house or anything else inappropriate. I’m just tired.

This has been an extremely stressful four months, yes, almost four months ago I found Gel and Midge tied and it all started from there. Worry about her being bred, then worry about selling puppies, then worry about getting tests done, then worry about the delivery, then worry about bringing up the puppies, then worry about selling the puppies, then worry about giving the puppies the time they need, worry, worry, worry.

Not sure why I worried so much, everything worked out exactly as it should have. I don’t have a lot of faith in myself, which is the primary problem.

So, I’ve decided to take it easy for the rest of the week and then crack down on everyone next week. Heatwave goes to his new home next Friday. Then that leaves three dogs for me to care for, which will be a wonderful thing.

I was talking to a friend last night about the amount of money I’ve put into this litter, little of which I’ve recouped. She told me that yes, I’ve put a lot of money into the litter and I’ve put a lot of money into dogs that I didn’t end up keeping. Now I have that special puppy, one I helped bring into the world and have shaped since the day she was born. A puppy from two parents that I really like. A puppy weaned on raw and minimally vaccinated. What more could I ask for? Sure, she’s ending up to be a several thousand dollar puppy once you factor in the expenses incurred since her conception, but I’ve wasted that much money, probably more, on other dogs. I think Inferno is going to be special.

When I think of all the issues other puppies and dogs that I have fostered or purchased had when I bought or adopted them, the fears, aggressions, phobias, health issues, etc. and then when I look at all I did to make sure these puppies were brought up so that they wouldn’t be that way; I realize how important the role of the breeder is. It would have been a whole lot easier if I had simply left Midge and the puppies out into an outside run most of the time and didn’t go through the effort of providing environmental enrichment and changing on a daily basis, all the early neurological stimulation, the health tests, the trips, the socialization etc. No wonder why good breeders charge close to $1,000 for their puppies. They are worth it!

Next time, if I do this again, which I won’t unless the puppies from this litter turn into superstars, I will charge $800 to $1,000 for the puppies, hold on to them until I get it and not one will go into a kibble-feeding, vaccinating home. I put myself in the position of belittling this litter because of what other people said and my feelings of inadequacy. I won’t do it again.

I talked at length last night to the woman who has the two puppies in Canada. She’s having a difficult time deciding which puppy to keep. They have gone from living in a rural environment to suburbia and haven’t missed a beat. Sure they startle at something they haven’t seen before, i.e. a little girl on a bike (it wasn’t the little girl but the bike they hadn’t seen before), but they recover quickly. They don’t run up to people or strange dogs in wild abandon. They check things out first and act appropriately when around adult dogs they don’t know. They are balanced in all they do.