More thoughts on rescues

When I had decided that I was going to take the plunge and get a livestock guard dog (“LGD”), I filled out an application with Carolina Great Pyrenees rescue. A few days after I submitted the application, I heard from a woman who worked with the rescue. We talked for a while and she had several dogs who might have been appropriate for my situation. I asked what the next step was and she said that the President of the rescue would get in touch with me to arrange a home visit. That was at least two weeks ago now and I have not heard back from either the President or the woman that I initially talked to.  I have called and left several messages.

During my conversation with the first woman, she told me that they were turning away a lot of dogs from rescue because they didn’t have room for them.  I told her that I’d also be interested in fostering. 

This is typical of my experience with rescue organizations.  If you do not fit exactly into their cookie cutter mold of the “perfect” adoptee, then you might as well forget about getting a dog from them.  This may not have been the case, they may have simply been too busy to get back to me, but if a home is offered for one or two of their dogs, I’d think they’d be making a concerted effort to return phone calls.  There was nothing in my application that would have prevented me from being a good adoptee, but who knows why things happen the way they do.

There is also the chance that someone reading this journal who knew the President of Carolina Great Pyr rescue called them and told them not to adopt to me because I am a bad person.  I’m not bad person and if that was the reason, then they can keep their dogs.

In retrospect, I feel better with my decision to buy Kitty rather than getting a rescue dog.  While it is going to be several months before she is of size to make any difference should my stock get attacked, she will get there.  She came to me with no baggage and hopefully little vaccine damage.  Dogs going through rescue are typically excessively vaccinated and I truly don’t want to deal with that type of damage, especially in a 100 pound dog with an unknown history.  I knew Kitty grew up with cats and poultry, she stayed with her mother until she went home with me at 11-12 weeks old (I need to find out when her birthday is) and I have the benefit of her breeder’s mentorship.  Quite frankly, even if the rescue organization told me a dog was safe with cats, I’d still worry about the safety of my cats.

Everything happens for a reason and I am happy with how things turned out.