Men, relationships and dating

Whatever relationship I had with Marcus beyond exchanging stock with him is over.  It actually has been for quite a while now.  For the longest time I grieved and fretted over it, but I’ve since come to the conclusion it is for the better.  I will forever be in debt to Marcus because it was because of his involvement in my life that I started constitutional homeopathic treatment for myself.  This treatment has made a tremendous difference in my life.  I feel better than I have in years, if ever really.

Prior to Marcus, my last relationship with a man was close to ten years ago.  I just wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship.  But, Marcus made me realize how much fun it was to be involved with a man who shared common interests.  On a whim I bought a month-long membership on (an on-line dating service).  I was a member of back in the early 1990’s when it was first started up.  It was interesting and I met some neat men, but, as was pointed out by one member, I am not going to find the type of man I would like to spend time with on

I was going to just ditch the whole search-for-the-man-of-your-dreams exercise, but I decided to try a different on-line dating service called  If you read the founder’s statement on the face page, you’ll see that it is a place where I might find someone with compatible interests.  While I travel in the world of suits and four dollar cups of coffee during the day, I am not a part of it and do not fit in.  I’m the weird one who sometimes has to pick hay or other unmentionables out of her hair or spend a few extra minutes cleaning the mud out from under her fingernails.  I do not get manicures, spend hundreds of dollars on shoes or clothes or do any of the other things that city folk enjoy.  My life centers around my animals and the land.  Hard for city people to understand.  So I’ve met some really neat people via farmersonly and who knows, maybe something will come of it.

One problem that I’m finding is that the really neat men are usually several hundred or thousands of miles from me.  Not sure I’m interested in relocating, but I guess for the right man, I might.  The men who are local to me tend to be avid church goers.  Organized religion scares me.  In fact, in my profile I said that if I had to choose a religion that suited me it would be Buddhism with a bit of Wiccan thrown in for good measure.  Ha!  That revelation got me an ugly piece of hate mail from one member essentially telling me I was going to burn in some unmentionable place because of my beliefs.  So, after having a go-round regarding religion with an avid church-goer on, I made it clear in my profile that I am not a church-goer, wasn’t going to become one and if that was important, I wasn’t the girl for them.  I do believe in a higher power, I Just don’t know what form that higher power takes … it changes.

Oh, it would be nice to find a man interested in sustainable farming, especially if he already had a farm going.  I guess only time will tell on that front.  Meanwhile, I’ll have fun meeting and talking to new people.