Factory farming to no sheep dog trials?

Recently on the sheepdog list a woman posted this link  which is a petition to increase the required cage space for chickens, pigs and calves raised for veal.  The first post in response was from a man who said not to support this organization (HSUS) because if they had their way, there’d be no dog trials, no use of dogs on livestock, etc. …

I agree that HSUS is an extreme group, but there is no way around the fact that the animals raised in so-called factory farms are treated inhumanely.

One person wrote in response to the post that anyone with half a brain and heart can still see why animals need to be treated humanly [sic] if only for more money and profit. She’s got one part of this right, the money and profit, but animals do not have to be treated humanely in order to make money off them. Stuffing chickens (and other animals) in cages so small that they cannot move for their entire miserable lives is not humane; but money is still being made off them. In fact, there is more money to be made via factory farming than there is via regular (humane) farming methods. It’s a lot more difficult keeping chickens in an environment so they can be chickens than it is to stuff them in a box and wait for their eggs to drop onto a conveyor belt.

What particularly pissed me off about this post was a woman who stated that she has had flocks of free range chickens and that they are certainly happier while they are alive, but never die of old age and often die unpleasant deaths. Well, duh lady, you take efforts to protect your chickens from predators so they don’t die unpleasant deaths; and what part of living in a box is pleasant or happy for a chicken and do you think these factory-farmed chickens die pleasant deaths?

I’d like to stick a bunch of the people on that list in a box for a week and see how they like it. Heaven forbid that they loose out on their sheep dog trials.