It’s raining! It’s pouring!

Tropical Storm Fay finally made her way up here to the Carolinas and we are getting some much needed rain.  I went out early this morning and put up a heavy duty tarp between the two large pine trees in the fenced-in area and Gel and I separated the goats from the sheep and put them up in the fenced-in area with two containers full of alfalfa forage and some goat minerals.  The weather forecast has rain every day for the next seven days.  Let’s hope that’s the case.  The more rain we get now, the longer I’ll have green grass when it starts to get cold.

I called in sick today.  No disease to name, just feeling generally achy, alternating between hot and cold, just plain icky.  I am so in touch to my body that I know when I’m getting sick and when it’s time to stay home and sleep.

This weekend I plan to make a more permanent shelter in the fenced-in area.  When it starts getting cold and inclimate, all of the outside animals are going to need better shelter.  The puppies seem to be enjoying being wet and muddy, but it’s in the mid 70’s.  I’m sure that won’t be the case when it gets down closer to 30 degrees.  Rose is settling in well.  I was a little concerned about her early on, but I think she’ll work out just fine.  The puppies got rabbit for supper last night which they really enjoyed.  I’m really glad I went to get Rose.

Separating the sheep from the goats is giving Gel and I good shedding experience.  Shedding is not something that I normally practice, but I see it is a good skill to have.  Fern is officially “put up” for a few months.  She needs to mature some more.  She seems to have hit a wall in her training and instead of butting my head up against that wall, I’m laying off her.  She’s a young dog, plenty of time for training.  I think if the rain lets up later this afternoon I may start up the ATV and carry my panels down to the back pasture and work on some driving with Gel.  It’s been too bloody hot to do much training, but it’s finally cooling off.  Because we have been separating the goats from the sheep, Gel is starting to get more comfortable with taking one group of stock and leaving the rest.  This is a concept he’s fought me on from day one so it’s nice to see him relaxing and taking my directions even if they are contrary to what he thinks he should be doing.  This morning he had to come between the goats on one side, separated by the ElectroNet with sheep on the other side and return with just the goats.  Previously, he might have hung up and refused to come forward with just the goats.