Kitty and Rose Rock!

We had bad storms last night.  I was told we received about five inches of rain in a few hours.  The storm was so violent, it kept me awake from about 1 to 3 AM.  Then around 5 AM I heard Kitty and Rose barking up a storm.  I got up, got Gel, grabbed a flashlight and headed outside.  Keep in mind I was still half asleep.  As I was coming down the stairs, I saw a canine figure heading across the front lawn along side the fenced-in area and duck pasture.  I did a double take as the canine was light in color.  At first I thought it was Red’s dog Biscuit, then I realized it was a coyote!  A damned big one at that!

Gel didn’t even see him and I wonder now if I did, but Kitty and Rose were barking like crazy and when Gel and I came to the fence, at first they barked at us.

The sheep and goats were behind the ElectroNet and I had turned the power on to it before I went to bed, however, a portion of the fence was under water so I don’t know how charged the fence was.  Also, the coyote appeared to be as tall as Gel and Gel sails over the ElectroNet with ease so I would assume the coyote could have as well. 

So, did Kitty and Rose’s barking deter the coyote?  I’d like to think so.  Even though they are puppies, they sounded tough.  Would Kitty have barked as aggressively if she was alone?  Maybe, maybe not, but I do feel better having the pair of them in there.

Luckily all the sheep, goats and cats are accounted for so the coyote didn’t have breakfast on me.  Must get a gun and learn how to shoot it.