I’ve been lazy … and I’m cranky

Gel has been dying to work.  Since I got the two livestock guard dog puppies, I haven’t move the stock out to the back pastures as I had been doing.

This morning (late morning) I took Gel out and we got all of the stock into one group and then I managed to separate out a group of four lambs.  Ah!  I remember what it’s like working a group of squirrely sheep.  Not fun and it shows me where Gel’s holes are.  I worked them for a while, then decided it was too hot to be working as hard as Gel was.  Then we separated off a group of four goats.  Much easier, to some extent.

After I get some sort of shelter constructed for the livestock and puppies, I have to make some sort of sorting chute so I can easily sort out three or four lambs or goats to work.

It’s really too bloody hot to be working.  Right now it’s 85 degrees, but because of the humidity, it feels like 95.  It’s been almost an hour since we were outside and I’m still sweating and Gel is still panting.

I gave the livestock guard puppies a lesson in being tied out.  They were less than thrilled, but it’s something they need to learn.  When I let them go, I attached light-weight, three-foot-long cables to the collars so I can grab the lines rather than their collars.  Kitty is fine with my grabbing her collar, but Rose doesn’t want you to put your hands on her.  Neither will walk on a lead.  Must work on that.

I bought a bag of Calf-Manna  to feed to the goats in a continuing effort to build them up.  While they are definitely getting better, I’m getting a little tired of dealing with sickly-looking goats and am close to calling Marcus and telling him it’s time to come and pick up his goats and sheep. 

Regarding the “I’ve been lazy” title to this post, I haven’t been training much and quite frankly, I don’t care to train these days.  It’s probably due to the heat.  I’m ready for cooler weather.  I spent a good part of yesterday mowing.  I mowed the duck pasture (which is about a half acre, maybe more), mowed the path and re-set my ElectroNet, and mowed about a third of my agility field.  One day, I either need to break down and buy a riding lawnmower (probably not going to happen) or minimally a higher-powered, wider, self-propelled push mower.  The mower I’m using now is a 21-inch, bare bones push mower.  Mowing is a workout for me.

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  1. What about one of those tiny tractor mowers that you tow behind your atv? I know I’ve seen those around, and I’ve also seen people convert them from older tractor models so you might be able to get one for a reasonable price.

  2. I think they are very expensive. I’ll continue to look at mowing as a form of exercise. Off to mow some more now.

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