I bought two more goats today.  They are both wethers and are in really good shape.  I got them for $30 each which was a bargain.  Turns out the man I got them from got his start in goats from Wally.  He’s got several more goats left at the same price so with my next paycheck, I may go and get a few more.

Also, he has a Nubian doe that he is willing to sell.  She’s had two pregnancies, each resulted in twin buck kids.  Apparently, she had so much milk while she had her babies, they needed to milk her and she took a long time to dry up.  Sounds like a perfect dairy goat to me.  A buck that Wally sold to this man many years ago was her father.  I will pick her up on September 15.  Hopefully she will have been bred by the buck she’s in with now, if not, then one of the bucks that I bought from Marcus should be able to breed her.

I called Marcus today and left a message telling him that it was time his goats went back.  I decided if I’m going to be putting as much money as I have been into food for these goats, I’m not going to feed goats that don’t belong to me.

Gel went with us to look at the goats.  He was all but coming out of his skin wanting to get in there and work those goats.  It would have been easier if he could have helped us catch the kids I decided to buy.  As it was, it took five of us to catch the last one.  All the man could think of was that dogs kill goats.  If only he knew …

It’s been a nice long weekend.  I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but that’s okay.  It’s cooled off a little bit.  There’s a chance tropical storm Hanna could hit South Carolina as a hurricane which will mean rough weather for us.  Wally and I did get a shelter put up today.  It isn’t great, but it will keep the stock and dogs dry.

Kitty and Rose continue to do well.  They bark when strange vehicles come down the driveway.  They bark, but when people come in to visit them, they are happy to see them.  Hopefully, should the need ever arise, they’d know the difference between a friendly person and one that represents a threat.

Off to bag up some roasted tomato sauce and chicken cacciatore that I made this afternoon.  My garden is producing very well.  Almost time to put in fall vegetables.

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  1. Thanks Virginia, I”m excited about getting her. I’ve wanted a dairy goat for some time now. She’s a very gentle goat to be around. Once I get her, I’m going to start right away to train her to get up on the milk stand. I was impressed at how all the goats at the farm where I got the puppies climbed right up on the stand (six at a time) like trained trick ponies!

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