Feeding a raw diet.

One of the puppies is going to a lawyer I work with, Charlie. Charlie came out to my home a few weekends ago with his wife, Ellen and two children, Jackson and Margaret. At first they were not keen on feeding a raw diet but were going to feed a high quality commercial canned food with some raw, which I was okay with. I sold them on feeding raw by asking that they sniff the dogs’ breath and smell their coats. There is no odor. They decided the lack of doggy odor made feeding a raw diet worthwhile.

I’ve been “feeding” Charlie information on feeding a raw diet and training tips for the past couple of weeks. He is like a sponge and it is extremely gratifying to talk to someone who is able to “see” the benefits of a good diet and sound training and rearing of the puppy.

Today, however, Charlie forwarded me a post written by another lawyer in the firm wherein he quoted this page. I find it quite entertaining that someone other than me is getting grief for choosing to care for an animal in a manner other than what is the norm. Interestingly, this lawyer has fed his dog “Jaxmax” kibble for the past eleven years. The manufacturer’s web site couldn’t be bothered with having the ingredient list available for this food so I had to find it elsewhere. Interestingly, this food was designed by the owner of a major puppy mill here in Charlotte, labpups.com where they sell “non hyper” Labs.

The lawyer warned Charlie that he needed to make sure his children didn’t get into the meat scraps to which Charlie replied, “Oh, we’re switching to a raw meat diet ourselves, so no worries about the food scraps.” I think this may end up being the best home for this puppy.