Sheep eating the livestock guard dog’s food

There was a posting today on the Border Collie Boards about the problem a woman was having with her sheep eating her livestock guardian dog’s food.  Apparently she was trying to give her sheep real grain, but they preferred the dog food.  Does that tell you anything about the food she is feeding?  No insult intended to the woman.  When the sheep ate the dog’s food, it turned around and ate the sheep food.  I think there’s some major confusion going on there. She then asked what she could mix into the dog’s food so the sheep wouldn’t eat it.  I posted and suggested she add real meat to the kibble to keep the sheep from eating it.

I think it’s pretty funny when I go out to feed Kitty and Rose and the sheep and goats come running thinking I’m going to give them something.  I put the meat out for the dogs and the sheep and goats check it out, but they don’t eat it. I suppose if they did, I’d be in real trouble … blood-thirsty sheep and goats!  That brings to mind this video.

I was told by the woman I bought Kitty and Rose from that this was a real problem: sheep and goats eating the dogs’ food.  I’m glad I don’t need to worry about that happening.  Sheep and goats are carbo-junkies.  That says a lot about dog food if sheep find it more palatable than their own grain.

I have to laugh; I haven’t posted on the Border Collie Boards in a long time.  Now that I’ve posted a few times, I notice all the regulars come over to see what I’ve said, just so they can add their two cents.  Then they write to the original poster privately, likely telling them how horrible I am and not to listen to anything I say.  Tee hee hee …

I am in a much lighter mood these days.  I picked up my car last night and was so happy to have it back.  I love my car.  I figured out why I was upset about the on-line dating thing and the profile viewing.  It’s the fear of rejection:  people look at my profile and think I’m a bad person; and I’m sure that isn’t the case.  Having grown up in my sister’s shadow (she was younger than me and the apple of my mother’s eye: she was the pretty, popular one; I was the tom boy) and then my father leaving us for another woman with her own daughters (I was Daddy’s girl until he left).  Rejection and disappointment was a big part of my upbringing.  Fast forward to the current time.  I don’t make an effort to fit in with the regulars.  I could play the game so I could be one of the crowd, but that is not in my nature.  I am compelled to do things differently and in general, I’m not quiet about it.  So I’m still being rejected and called a bad person, but I have made peace with the situation.  I don’t need anything from those individuals that I don’t fit in with so why worry about it or do something that is contrary to my nature?  To this day I have little contact with my mother, but there are several other women in my life who are my mother’s age that I turn to if I need motherly advice.  I think you need to pick and choose those people to keep in your life who are helpful to you and keep away from those who are not.

So, I rewrote my profile detailing exactly who I am instead of trying to write a profile to attract the ideal man.  Is there even such a thing as an ideal man or ideal anything?  If someone chooses to write to me, great, if not, then fine, I will not have lost a thing.  If I see someone that seems interesting, then I’ll drop them a line.  They can write back or not.  Who knows what will come of these e-mail relationships?  It is all about the journey and it makes sense to enjoy it as best you can. 

I heard back from the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and they are interested in having me as a volunteer.  That could prove fun and interesting and will open up more doors.