Hanna missed us.  You should see the radar.  It’s as if Highway 77 is a wall so tall the rain can’t pass over it.  So, no rain at all.  I would have liked to have seen some rain.  It would cut down on the pollen that is driving my allergies mad.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night due to them. 

It is 6:30 AM as I write this and as soon as it gets light enough, I plan to go out, let the chickens and ducks out, feed them, feed Kitty and Rose, then take Gel and Fern for a run.  It’s quite warm out, about ten degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time.

I have in the back of my mind that I’d like to go to agility today.  I don’t know how much rain she’s getting.  She is on the wet side of Highway 77.  I know I’ll enjoy it if I go, it’s just the getting there that I hate.  It is 80 miles one way so it’s a trek.  With all the driving I do during the week, I hate to do much on the weekend.  I don’t like to drive.

Must clean my house!  Must, must, must … housework is so overrated.  It’s sort of nice though to not have anything incredibly pressing to get done this weekend.

Last night when I got home I let the goats, sheep and puppies out.  The goats and sheep immediately went off to graze.  Rose and Kitty enjoyed socializing with my dogs (well, dog, Fern hates them) and the cats and kittens.  It’s good for them to learn about the rest of the animals that live here.  They were out for a couple of hours before I brought Gel out to round up the stock and put everyone up.

Talk about getting what you need.  On Wednesday night I got a call from a man who was referred to me by people I used to travel to obedience with.  He just moved here from Tennessee and needed a place to hunt.  While he was in Tennessee, he hunted a lot.  He doesn’t want the meat, he just wants to hunt.  Yee Ha!  Meat!  He bow, muzzle-loads and rifle hunts so he can start hunting as early as next Saturday and hunt all the way through January.  I told him to just leave the carcass on my doorstep and I’ll do the rest.  Yes!

With my next paycheck I need to get some sort of pulley system to pull up carcasses so I can properly clean them.  Doing them on my kitchen floor is bad on the back and much more difficult.  I also need to get a reciprocal saw to cut through bone.  I’ve become quite good at removing limbs at the joints, but I need to be able to saw up the leg bones in six to eight inch pieces so I can get them in zip lock bags to freeze.  That way I can feed the dogs true raw meaty bones.

Hopefully this will work out.  He’s a super religious person so I need to put down my foot right away if he starts to try to convert me.  He is supposed to come out today with his ATV so I can take him down back and show him the property lines.

I spoke to Marcus early this week about coming to get his goats.  I highly doubt he’ll make it to take them home this weekend.  If he doesn’t get in touch with me by the end of next week, I’ll ask Wally to help me load them and bring them over to his house because if all goes well, by next weekend I’ll have two new wethers and my dairy goat.  The goal is to separate the goats from the sheep on a daily basis so I can grain the goats and give them access to their minerals.  Goats can eat sheep minerals, but it doesn’t go the other way.  Sheep are more sensitive to copper than goats; goats must have copper in their diets, as do sheep, but goats need a lot more.  In fact, I think this is what was wrong with Marcus’ goats.  I don’t think he’s offering them minerals.  The grain he is using does not contain copper.  Now that the goats I have here are getting access to goat minerals, they are looking a lot better.  In fact, last night while I was watching them I realized how much better they did look.

Anyway, back to Marcus, he was back to his promising ways. Oh yea, I’ll give you deer, I’ll get you a 22 rifle and teach you how to use it, bla, bla, bla … I know now not to believe any of it.  So I’m glad this other guy called about hunting.  Marcus did ask about using our ram and I checked with Wally and he said that was fine, but that in exchange for his using the ram, he had to help us butcher the two adult wethers that I have.  We will hold him to that, you want the ram, you need to play butcher.

I do have to move my ElectroNet this weekend.  My first experiment in mob grazing worked perfectly.  They ate the grass down almost as low as it would be if I mowed it, crushed weeds and worked in their manure by tromping on it.  I could easily have put another ten animals in there to add to the effect.  There are a few tall stalks in there, but not many.  I’ll be able to mow over it easily.  The grass looks a lot better than it has, fewer weeds and much thicker.  I think that is because it is getting mowed on a regular basis.  I’d like to try to find some of the pictures from when I first moved here.  I need to install and configure an ftp client on this computer before I can do that as the pictures are on my web server.  There is a huge difference.

Okay, got to go, the dogs are ready to run.