Spent the day on the computer!

I love WordPress, I really do, but it pushes me technologically!  I updated versions a while back.  I did it right on Spellcast, I did it sloppily on Natural Rearing Notes.  I was hacking around using NRN, but it got so that I couldn’t use it properly and it was pissing me off.  I stopped writing in it, except for times when I was in a very tolerant mood (which is not terribly often).

Finally, I sat down and really studied the release notes.  I did some searches on the forums to try to find out what I did wrong.

I downloaded version 2.6.1 and worked in installing it.  Remember, I’m on a new computer and I still don’t have all the software and settings completed.  I tried to upload the files using Dreamweaver’s ftp program, but that kept locking up on me.  I got it uploaded and it fixed some of the problems, but then I had new ones.  Damn!

I downloaded and installed Filezilla, a free ftp program that I’ve used for years.  I got that running, deleted all of the old WordPress files on my server, then re-installed them.  I updated all of my Plugins and viola!  It works like a charm!  Yea!  Now my cat readers can get their fix.  Unfortunately it took me about three hours on the computer to fix it.

At this point in time, I don’t think I’m going to upgrade Spellcast.  There’s really nothing in the upgrade that I feel compelled to have.  I only did it for NRN because it was the only way I could fix the problems.  I have all the files set to upgrade Spellcast should I feel the need to do it later.

So, now I have a ton of stuff to get done today.  As I write this I’m waiting for Wally to arrive.  The cool thing is, Kitty and Rose will bark when he gets it.  It used to be, Wally could be here in my driveway and I’d never know it because the Border Collies do not bark.  Gel is usually in the office with me, Fern is.  Gel is in the mud room waiting.  He knows I’m going somewhere and he doesn’t want to be left behind.  He will get to go with us.  After breakfast we’ll come back here and worm a couple of sheep who have bottle worm.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, I mentioned to Wally that one of the sheep looked off.  I couldn’t see anything that was wrong, he just didn’t look right.  As it turned out, it was the one with bottle worm.  He wasn’t showing symptoms yet, he just looked off.  When I was looking at him today, I could see the aura about him that caught my attention initially.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that when you use holistic methods to keep your animals healthy, I think you have to pay more attention to them.  This makes your senses keener than, I think, they would be otherwise.  When using holistic methods, you need to catch things early, or have in your mind the entire picture, not just one symptom, like a limp, you need to know more.

That said, the sheep will be wormed conventionally.  One day I will look into natural worming methods.  The problem with natural methods is that you need to do it frequently.  It’s hard to catch up sheep and worm them frequently.  I suppose I could if I had some sort of sorting pen, which is really something I do need to make one day.