I actually got some training in today!  Between using Gel to catch up goats and sheep to worm, then working Fern on both sheep and goats, then I set up a short sequence of three jumps to the A-Frame.  She did very well and REALLY got into it … got into it a bit too much actually.  She started growling and jumping up at me.  That will have to stop.

I can see she’s going to take after her mother when it comes to agility meaning she’s going to watch me, not drive on ahead.  Gel drives on ahead too much and it took a long time to break his obstacle focus.  Fern is going to be focused on me running and not pay attention to what is ahead of her.  Time to work on that.

I brought up a single jump and one set of 2×2 weaves and left them by the door.  Then I can go out and do short training sessions with both dogs … when it cools off!  I went through two sets of clothes and two showers today.  I re-set my ElectroNet and mowed most of the area where the sheep and goats were previously fenced.  All I need to do now is to set up my charger and get water in the new location and they are all set for tomorrow.

I also made another batch of baked tomato sauce.  This is the best sauce, baking the tomatoes at a high temperature really brings out the sweetness of the tomato:

Use a heavy, square baking pan with reasonably high sides.  If you are using regular tomatoes, core them, leaving some meat at the bottom of the tomato; if you are using Roma tomatoes, just cut them in half.  I do not peel them.  Place all of the tomatoes in the pan cored side up.  Add thickly sliced onions and as much garlic as you like.  Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.  Bake at 400 degrees for about an hour or until the tomatoes collapse.  Add some fresh chopped basil when you take it out of the oven.  You can either use the sauce as is, dicing it up prior to serving it, or run it through a food processor.  The last batch I made, I added about a half a pound of goat cheese, then ran it through my food processor.  Voila!  Cheesy, cream of tomato soup.  It will be great when it gets colder.  I freeze my sauce, but next year I hope to take up some canning.