This has to be a new record …

I didn’t write at all this week … damn, guess that means I’ve been busy and I have been.   It seems like the tasks are never ending.  This week was particularly compromised because we went to the Denver Farmer’s Market for the first time this week.  There was a lot to do to get ready for it.  There’s a lot to do to get ready for any Farmer’s Market.  Except for the heat, the market went well and I think once the word gets out, it will only get better.

It’s been bloody hot most of the week.  The past three days have been 90 +.  That adds more work to the chore list and it’s much harder to do in the heat.  The animals are drinking water like it’s well, water.  Of course, egg and milk production has gone south and the rabbits are not eating as well so are not gaining weight.  Luckily we have several processed rabbits in the freezer so I can give them a little bit more time to gain weight.  I’ll need to process more either Sunday or early next week.  We have some older rabbits slated to be used for sausage making and I’d like to be able to get those rabbits processed on Sunday, but who knows if we’ll get to it or not.

I started sending newsletters out the beginning of the year.  First they were monthly, now I’m trying to send them weekly because the monthly versions were too long.  The weekly versions are too long too.  If you’d like to receive these newsletters, please subscribe at the link to the left.

This morning, I set up the newsletters to go out via Mail Chimp.  I’ve looked at newsletter processing services numerous times, but never took the time to convert our newsletters to a service.  Here is the finished product.  I’m pleased with it.  I did it this morning, which meant I went out to milk later than normal.  Poor Gel suffered.  I could see that the heat was getting to him so I started to do the running back and forth with the goats.  You don’t realize how much work a good dog does until you have to do it yourself.

Because of the Denver Farmer’s Market, Wally and I didn’t get to bed until 10 PM Wednesday night.  I hoped to catch up on sleep last night, but it was one of those nights and I don’t feel like I slept a wink. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.  Luckily Wally doesn’t have to work Saturday so he can go to the Farmer’s Market.  To think that I used to go to the Charlotte market by myself and didn’t mind it.  Now that Wally’s been going with me, I don’t like going alone.  In fact, I don’t like doing much of anything without Wally.

Last week, we didn’t the air conditioning at all.  It was great.  Today, here it is 10:30 and it’s already one.  Gel is sleeping on top of a vent.  It’s too hot to make cheese and my chevre has failed several times in a row so I won’t make any more until it cools off.  I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter every day (it’s happy in the heat!), but I haven’t made any bread.  I am feeding the starter and not dumping any out with the intention of making several loaves on Sunday.  I am not disciplined enough to make bread every day, but I want to keep at it because I think I finally mastered it.

It’s great now that the summer vegetables are coming into season.  Unfortunately, they are not coming from our garden.  I wanted to get down there this morning, but because I spent hours this morning fooling with the newsletter and got behind on my chores and now it’s too hot to be in the garden.  I’ve made some fantastic meals lately.  I love to cook, especially when the meal comes out as I planned it.

Oh, forgot!  Big news!  We have a new rabbit tractor.  A guy I met via Craigslist made it.  He’s a great guy and we love the design!  Wally and I figured it cost us approximately $100 in materials to make one tractor.  That doesn’t factor in our aggravation labor and of course what we make is no where near as nice as what he can do (he’s a professional carpenter).  He charged us just a little bit more than what it cost us in materials which is marvelous!  He agreed to salvage materials from our tractors towards new ones to cut down on cost.  It will be nice to have tractors all from the same design and looking as good as they do.  We’ve met such nice people

The hen that I grafted the Dark Cornish chicks on to is doing an excellent job raising them!  I”m so proud of her and so glad to not have to take care of them myself.  These chicks will grow up know how to forage, not depending upon me to be the sole provider of food like so many of the others do.

It’s about time to go out and check water levels and to make sure all of the rabbit tractors are covered with shade cloth.  I do think the rabbits on the ground are more comfortable than those in the barn, but it’s hard to be comfortable anywhere outside when it’s this hot.

Until later …

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  1. I am so happy that you’re meeting the right people now. How many nice people who understand what you are trying to accomplish would you meet at MM?

    I too am trying to master the sourdough whole wheat loaf and am still working at it. Currently I am trying for only one loaf per week on Saturday. It gets easier as things become more of a habit. Taking out the starter and getting it going on Friday night is still not automatic. By bedtime, I’m really tired! In addition I save one cup plus for pancakes on Sunday morning, but that also must be taken out the night before on Saturday night.

    Stay cool (as possible). Have you ever seen the mist fans that they sell in theme parks? They sit atop a water bottle and spray you with a water mist and evaporation does the cooling job. I have also seen wet cooling bandannas you wear around your neck.

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