How nice it is to finally be interested in training again.  I did bring up a set of 2×2 weave poles and a single jump up near the house and worked Fern for a while this morning.

 Oh, the holes in my training … they’s as big as the Grand Canyon.  I only have myself to blame for that.  Time to crack down and get it together.


Gel/Stock Work:

Get him comfortable driving and understanding going through panels.

Get him more solidly on whistles.

There are not a lot of stock trials around these days; but if the opportunity presents itself, I might want to enter him.  There is a trial at Red Creek Farm in South Carolina in October.  I probably won’t go and stick with my original decision to not trial any more in 2008.


Tighten up his turns.

Improve weave performance.

Fern/Stock Work:

Nothing at this time.  I might take back some of my well broke adult sheep for a month or so to start working her on them; either that or try to pick up some well-broke wethers.  I’d like to start to get some flanks on her, but my gut is telling me I should be working her solely in agility in order to work on our relationship which isn’t very good right now.  I think training in agility is going to do more for our relationship right now than stock work will.  The other problem with her doing stock work is her nose is out of joint because of Kitty and Rose.  I don’t know why she has taken such an intense dislike to them.  Maybe it’s because Kitty came when Fern was over at Wally’s house?  She’s not been ill towards another dog until now.


Get her going!  I need to do more shaping with her so she’ll know how to offer behaviors.  She learns incredibly fast.  For example, I used Greg Derrett’s method of teaching right and left directional commands and to this day, she still remembers them, much better than even Gel. 

Get her driving forward and to stop looking at me.

I plan to get her weaving going solidly now rather than putting that part of agility training last (like I did Gel).  I didn’t think I was ever going to get Gel weaving.  It seemed like it took forever.  Weaving is the hardest thing to train in agility, I might as well do it first.

I need to remind her that I am much more fun than Gel.

Sounds like I have my work cut out for me.

It’s still pretty hot: right now it is 87, feels like 92; but there’s a 30% chance of rain today and the rest of the week is going to be much, much cooler.