Rainy evening

It was raining when I got out of work and I couldn’t find my umbrella.  Great.  Walked to my car and got quite wet.  After the drought in 2007, I vowed to never complain about the rain again.  The radar looked like it had cleared off at my house, but it was still raining when I got home.  Gel and I moved the goats from the duck pen into the fenced-in area then went down and got the sheep, Kitty and Rose. 

Kitty and Rose are always happy to see me because I often come bearing food, which they enjoy tremendously.  Gosh those two puppies can eat!  I stopped at Food Lion on the way home and got ten pounds of beef heart and ten pounds of beef kidney.  I get it sliced thin and packaged in two pound increments.  I opened one package of kidney and fed that to Kitty and Rose.  They ate it in about two seconds flat and came looking for more.  Okay, I gave them another package.  So that was four pounds of meat in one meal.  Luckily I only pay $.89 for the kidney and $.99 for the heart so it’s reasonable.  I’d pay more than that per pound for premium kibble.  Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of rabbit guts (yep, really) and two chicken leg quarters.  They sucked down the rabbit guts like no body’s business.  This morning they got a five pound package of beef cheek meat.  Bet you didn’t know there was such a thing.  Apparently cheek meat is some of the most succulent meat there is and is a prized cut of meat in most of the world.  Because they chew their cud so much, cattle cheeks are a very muscular piece of meat.  I should have cut the meat up a bit before I brought it out to them because when I dumped it out, it was pretty much in one big piece.  In order to avoid squabbles, I stepped on one end of the slab of meat and pulled up to break it into two pieces.  Lovely, huh?  Hope you were not eating when you read this.

I took the dogs for a run on the ATV this morning and we all got quite wet, but no one seemed to mind.  It was wonderful to put on a jacket and not be sweating when I got back in the house.  It is going to get hot again this weekend, but it isn’t going to last.