News Bulletin!

All the cows in the United States are going to die tomorrow …

Can you imagine?  What would people do?  Likely climb into their cars and race to grocery stores to buy all the milk and beef that is on the shelves.  Grocery stores would double their prices because, of course, they would have trouble restocking their shelves and what they’d restock with would be much more expensive that was is already on the shelves.

Something similar to this scenario is happening for real in North Carolina and in other parts of the country.  Yesterday morning, the local news advised viewers that because Hurricane Ike was going to hit Houston, Texas, gas prices were going to climb.  Lots of people panicked and raced to gas stations and filled up their gas hogs vehicles and spare gas containers, just in case.  When I left for work yesterday morning, local gas was around $3.55 and there were no lines at gas stations.  I had three-quarters of a tank and wasn’t about to stop to top off.

On my way home, I saw the long lines at gas stations and gas was as high as $4.19 a gallon.  I drove through downtown Lincolnton and saw more lines and some gas stations with plastic bags over their pump handles indicating they were out of gas.  Apparently some of the lines have caused traffic accidents.

People are nuts.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people and animals who are in the path of Hurricane Ike.