Quick update on the lambs

They are better, however, I am not sure they are not going to re-exhibit symptoms of barber pole worms (bottle jaw) and I am not entirely sold on using Basic H as a wormer.  I prefer to treat illnesses nutritionally, if I can, and as such, I plan to try to make my stock less susceptible to parasites by feeding them copper wire particles.  I just ordered Copasure boluses, empty gelatin capsules to make up smaller doses of the copper wire particles and a pill gun.  Here is an interesting page on the use of copper boluses to treat copper deficiency in goats.  This is also a good method to give my goats extra copper without using a commercially prepared mineral supplement for goats.  I am definitely not going to purchase any more commercially prepared mineral mixes because I do not like that they add molasses to them.  Another thing I’m going to avoid is sweet feed; instead making up my own whole grain mixture.  If you read the labels on commercially-prepared grain mixtures, they do not read any better than commercially prepared dog or cat food.

We’ll see how it goes.