Catching up …

Have been wading through computer and Internet issues lately.  Monday was particularly stressful.  One of the inflators on the milking machine does not have as much suction as the others.  Sunday night, I took it apart, rinsed all of the hoses and put it back together Monday morning.  Something in the back of my brain told me I did not have it put back together quite right.

Milked Cocoa first and sure enough, it was not put back together quite right and had to milk her by hand (luckily it wasn’t Penny who came in first).  Then my brain went into gear and I realized what was wrong.  There’s a little metal pin that goes into the pulsator.  There was a small rubber cap on the top of the pin which was now missing.  Great!  Where the heck could that be?  I went back up to the house to look in the drawer that I placed the pin overnight so that it would not become a cat toy.  It was not there.  I looked where I had laid the pulsator.  Nope.  That little rubber cap would have been a great cat toy if they found it and if they did, I would never find it!

I went back down to the milk shed and called my friend Tammy to confirm that there really was a rubber cap on the pin.  I woke her up (Tammy and I are on different time schedules)!  She confirmed there was and I asked if she could bring her pulsator over so I could get Penny milked.  Of course Monday is the day that I need to be in school by 9:00.  Then I remembered that we took the milk machine apart on the cart I use to carry all of my milking equipment back and forth.  I went over to check the cart and there it was!  I can’t believe it was still there!  Put the machine back together, got my milking and other chores done and was only about five minutes late for class.

Got back home and planned to check my e-mail then take the dogs for a walk.  No wireless!  Crap!  Called AT&T and had to do the freaking dial by number crap for about ten minutes before I finally got a tech person on the phone.  So much for a walk with the dogs.  Was on the phone for about two hours.  Finally got all of the computers in the house to access the Internet except the Windows 8 machine I just set up that weekend.  It had decided to go belly up.  Great!  Packed it up and sent it home with my friend Cynthia so her husband could work on it.  Luckily, he had made a mirror of the drive when I bought it (used off eBay) so he was able to simply reinstall everything.  Unfortunately, all the work I did over the weekend setting it up was gone.  Luckily, the research paper I started over the weekend was not gone.  Hopefully it won’t go belly up again!

Tuesday I came home from school with the same intention: check e-mail, then take the dogs for a walk.  The wireless went out again, at almost exactly the same time as it did before.  This time, I had the correct numbers to plug in to get to the tech I needed to talk to.  This one changed the frequency our wireless was working on.  On Wednesday, the wireless seemed to work fine, which was a good thing because I had to re-do all the work I did on the new computer.

We’ve skipped seasons here: we went from late winter to early summer.  The pollen count is ridiculously high and my body is not accustomed to 80+ degree heat at this time.

Finally, we found someone to do the rabbit tractors and he dropped off the first prototype last night.  Some things are not quite right, but he’ll fix the issues for future models.  He left the one he made (I put it on the ground and transferred four rabbits to it) and took one of the original models so he’ll have the measurements available.  I couldn’t spare one when he came the first time.  Now I have a bed available to plant tomato seedlings!  Today I’m probably going to try to get at least one more group of rabbits on the ground as well.  Catching them in the tractors is proving difficult due to the build up of straw in them.

If all goes well, the man who has been working on our rabbit barn will be here on Saturday to get that done.  That’s been a long time coming!  I am looking forward to transferring does with kits into their stalls.  I’ll keep the wire cages as back-ups until we have enough extra cash to expand the barn.  We are putting 20 stalls in the barn which will give me six more spaces than I have now.  We desperately need more space!  I’m loosing valuable breeding time because I do not have the space available to put pregnant does or to get kits out on pasture.  If all goes well, we’ll get most of the rabbits on pasture this weekend.  I’ve got some pregnant does that are diggers and I’ll need to put them in the barn until they kindle.

Today I am going to look at a high tunnel that a group built not too far from here, then she’s coming over here to see this farm.  It is not supposed to be quite so warm today and there are thunderstorms forecast for this evening so it would be a good time to get in some seeds, as long as I cover them with Agribon to keep the rain from moving the seeds around.  I am going to plant bean seeds and they are not quite as prone to being moved by the rain as this awful little, itty, bitty seeds.

I guess I caught up, at least to some extent, now it’s time to write the newsletter, which is a day late.

Until later …