It will be better next spring!

We are back to where we were last year with the rabbits on the strip of land behind the house.  There is not enough room there!  Plus, due to lack of cage space, we have very pregnant does on pasture and they are prone to digging.  On the agenda this weekend is to make more raised beds up near where the new rabbit barn will be to put some of the tractors on top of.  This will be overflow area.  We will make sure there will be one empty bed available so that we can completely clean out a bed to add more rabbits, if need be.  They will be spaced a bit further apart so we can push a wheelbarrow through and they will be positioned so that the doors between the two tractors open the same side.

Maybe the rabbit barn will get done this weekend, but I am not holding my breath.  I should call him, but I’m getting tired of chasing him.

We are learning and we are getting better at this, but it all takes time.  Next spring, I will have seeded the rabbit area so there will be good growth out there to put the rabbits on.  What was formerly the goat pasture will be seeded with grasses and herbs that can be cut and brought to the rabbits in the barn and on the raised beds (that will be done the end of April this year).  Come next summer, some of the raised beds near the rabbit barn will be planted with rabbit-friendly plants.  It’s frustrating that things won’t grow in 30 days (or less!).  Hopefully by this time next year, we will have a high tunnel in place that will have a good supply of greens that can be fed to humans and rabbits.

I do not want to put the rabbits out in the new area until there’s grass steadily growing.  I don’t want to put too much pressure on that ground by overgrazing.  The area where the rabbits are pastured now is LUSH!  That will be reseeded this fall as well.

All in good time!  I realize how much Wally and I fly by the seat of our pants … but it all gets done and it gets done in a good way and we learn and we get better so I guess everything is good.

It’s frustrating though.  I’ve seen some bloat in the rabbits.  Up until yesterday, it was only one tractor, but one young rabbit in another tractor was showing signs of it yesterday.  It’s been wet and warm so I’ll need to get some apple cider vinegar in their water to counter this.  The tractors with rabbits that are showing signs of bloat will be kept on just grass hay until it resolves.  We are seeing far fewer incidents of bloat than we used to see.  So there’s improvement!

I make my second presentation on Shark Tank today in business class.  I told Wally this morning that while this may seem frivolous, it’s good practice.  There will come a time when I have to present our farm to bankers or investors and this is good preparation for that.

Wally and I have been having a horrible time getting up at 5.  I think it’s because we are going to bed a lot later than we normally do.

You may notice the comments from the individual that were posted in response to my post yesterday.  Normally I might have deleted such comments, but they offended me, terribly and I wanted to have them out there in defense of what we do here.  Who is this person to think she knows what goes on here?  From her (if it is a “her”) IP address, she’s in Oregon, but that may not mean anything.  Wally and I work hard at what we do here and we do not get handouts.  I worked hard on those grant proposals and I got them because of that.  They are not tax-free.  Like one individual posted on Facebook, unless this individual is going to come here and crawl into the tractors and catch rabbits herself, then she needs to keep her comments to herself.  Those rabbits are accustomed to seeing Gel (and Lulu).  Rose scares them!  But that’s because Rose is usually not near the tractors.  Gel, the great dog that he is, jumps into the tractors and blocks their access to the rear of the tractors (where I cannot reach them!).  If they get past him, he pushes them back out with his nose.  Yes, they do sometimes run like fools, but they’d run like fools if I got in there.  I handle those rabbits with care and respect and no one can say otherwise.

Geez …

Off to do the rabbits in the dark and that will make them run like fools!

Until later …