Huge holes in my writing!

I just logged on to this page to delete a spam comment — been receiving a lot of them lately — and noticed that there’s a hole in my writing between the two weekly newsletters.  Whoops!

Rabbit update: I think we are finally past the bloat issues we have been dealing with lately.  I inspected the rabbits last night and they all look good.  It seems adding copper sulphate to their water did the trick.  I elected to try that route rather than conventional drugs.  I think growth may have been stunted in some of them, but maybe not.  All of the young kits are doing well.  Put two litters out last night with their mothers, two pregnant does up in kindling cages and four does in with a buck.  Re-trying pen-breeding again.  To date, it has not worked out too awfully well, but I’m trying it again because I prefer to allow the bucks to have pen-time and I don’t want to have to continually haul does to the buck.  I’d rather put the buck in with a group of does.  I’ve done pen-breeding with two groups of does recently and we’ll see how it works out.

We’ve gone back to keeping some rabbits in raised beds with wire under the beds.  Primarily, this is because of digging.  I got tired of filling in holes and the holes are dangerous.  Instead of having them on pasture, I bring the pasture to them.  They are still living in colonies and they are not standing on wire.  It is not perfect, but it is the best we can do for them.  Allowing animals to express their natural behaviors is a good thing, but there has to be limits.

As I write this, I’ve got sourdough bread baking in the oven.  It was supposed to have been baked last night, but it was too warm to turn the oven on and we had too much to get done last night.  I’ve been cracking hard in the garden trying to get as much in the ground as I can.  With all of the rain and now the warmth, things are growing!  You can about see it grow now!  The Chard looks great as do the beets and lettuce.  I plan to harvest some to take to the market tomorrow.  I sold some Chard this week and it will be exciting to have some to sell at the market tomorrow.

We’ve got some trees that need to come down in the former goat pasture.  Like so many things lately, we’ve been waiting on the guy to come to help Wally get them down.  Waiting on people to get things done and having our progression slowed down or halted because they do not do things when they say they will is most irritating.  The wait for this man has not been his fault: it has been the weather’s fault. If he comes Saturday (which is dependent upon the weather, again!), we have a ton to get done tonight.  I’ve got four tractors of rabbits in that pasture that will need to be moved which will be a pain in the butt!  I almost wish he does not come tomorrow because we have so many other things that need to get done this weekend.  When those trees come down, it is going to be a huge mess!  They are dead pine trees (dead thanks to the bloody goats).  Don’t miss the goats, not a bit!  Not even a tiny bit.  In my humble opinion: goats suck!  At least prima donna dairy goats.

When these trees come down, we can really move forward with rabbit expansion.  I had to take back three beds down near the main garden area for the diggers, which cuts down on planting area.  As soon as the trees are down, we can expand into the former goat shelter with kindling cages, install more raised beds and sow that area with cover and forage crops that I will harvest for the rabbits in that area.  I’m waiting on my scythe to be completed which will make harvesting for the rabbits much easier.  Cutting with grass clippers takes forever!  Excited about the scythe!  In addition, I can plant velvet beans on the fence line.

In case you did not read the newsletters, I won second place in Shark Tank.  I’m pleased as punch with that.  Given how controversial my “business” is (eating Bugs Bunny) I am thrilled that I got as far as I did.  The presentation went well and after I was finished, several people asked for business cards.  Glad I put a stack of them in my pocket!  I do not know if anything will come of it, but you never know.  If nothing else, it was the experience that mattered.

My last batch of bread should be almost done and I need to get out to milk and do the other chores.  Then it’s back to gardening.  I have ten days before I go back to school again and I need to make the most of these days.

Until later …