Processed food

I try to eat healthy and for the most part, I do.  It’s pretty funny at lunch time at the office.  I don’t like to eat out for lunch for several reasons, one, it’s expensive; and two, not always healthy, and if you do eat healthy, it’s more expensive.  So, each week I haul in the makings of both breakfast and lunch for the week.  I don’t have time in the morning to make lunch so I bring in a week’s worth of supplies and make it here.  It’s fresher that way too.

For breakfast I eat plain yogurt (often homemade), to which I add frozen fruit, usually blueberries and peaches, a few spoonfuls of canned pineapple, a banana and about a cup of high fiber cereal.  Lunch is varied, sometimes sandwiches, but often salads.  This week it’s been chef salads.  Constructing my lunches are a bit of a production and our kitchen is really only a galley kitchen so it gets tight in there.  Most everyone else who bring their lunch eat microwavable dinners.  They never fail to comment on how healthy I eat or how good my meals look.  This is nothing new, everywhere else I’ve worked I did the same thing and got the same comments.  My lunches are all very easy to make, probably less expensive than their microwavable dinners and surely healthier.  I wonder what people did before the advent of microwavable dinners.

I know a lot of people who prepare raw food for their dogs and cats who say that their animals eat better than they do.  That’s sad, it really is.  It is a little more effort to eat healthy and to avoid processed food, but I think it is worth the extra time.

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  1. Great thinking :o) I didn’t wake up until I was older and in ill health, and since eat only mostly raw whole natural foods, and no pharma concoctions. Passed my doctor the other day, whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years, and he didn’t recognize me. From the looks of him, I’ll far outlive that younger man :o) Just my testimonial :o))) Not just diet is important though – think exercise [which you seem to get], sufficient rest, and state-of-mind. The latter I attribute to my animals, especially my dogs – they’re such a joy in the way they take life aren’t they. If only more people could learn to live within the natural order, and respect other species for what they are in the ecology. The dogs and I spent the day in the back pasture putting up firewood. Of course the malamute thinks I’m crazy as he sleeps outside (by choice) when it’s 20 below, and the GR carried pieces of split wood everywhere but the wood shed :o) The simple things in life are such a joy.

    My best to you and yours,
    Lee C

    PS: And yes it is fall – we’ve already had our first frost :o)

  2. It is incredibly scary when you really look at labels to know what’s really in the food we eat. I did a bunch of cooking Sunday afternoon/evening and have a few more things to put together tonight. The more food I can make from scratch, the happier I’ll feel.

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