It has been a better day!

Gardening — working with crops — is calming.  I started out the morning by milking the cows.  Then after processing the milk (some went into the refrigerator, some went into the cheese pot and was made into fresh ricotta [if you’ve never had fresh ricotta made from raw, grass-fed Jersey milk, you are missing out!]) I went down into the lower garden.  I started to harvest Chard.  What leaves were not so attractive, I put in one bin, the good leaves, in another.  I then added some weeds to the bad-Chard-bin and the rabbits in bunny jail, located near the lower garden, got their fill of green-stuff!  Happy bunnies!  Then I headed up top with the wheelbarrow and cut a wheelbarrow-full of grass and weeds for the rabbits with babies in kindling cages. Double happy bunnies!

Later in the day, in between CSA pick-ups, I planted a row of corn.  I am still using the triangular, bio-intensive method of plant spacing.  It takes more time to plant the seeds, but because the plants are closer together, there are fewer weeds.  It is neat to see the plants come up in a triangular pattern. I took some pictures too.  Love it when chives bloom!  I love green and purple together.  Speaking of green, I’ve been fooling around with the design of this journal.  I recently moved my web sites to Adobe’s Creative Cloud server and unfortunately, their servers do not support WordPress so I need to use WordPress’ free service.  It is not as slick as the original, but it will work, for now.


Well, here it is 4:00 and I need to head out to start to do PM chores.  Glad it is not so hot today.  That is a welcome relief.

Until later …