And then there was one.

Heatwave (soon to be re-named either Tarby or Monty) is now in his new home. I gave him a bath this morning (to wash the clay mud off him) and then let him run around the house for about 30 minutes to dry off (which he thoroughly enjoyed). I brought him into Charlotte and met the family taking him before going to work. He’s already doing fine. He is going to have a good time playing with a four year old boy and two year old girl. Eventually he’ll become the running partner of the father. He’s going to have a great life.

I am so excited about now having plenty of time to give Ms. Inferno individual attention. Tonight I start a four-week-long agility class after work. I’ll bring Gel, Midge and Inferno with me to the class and spend time with the two girls inbetween runs with Gel. I’m glad the class starts this week. It will be a good tune-up for the trial this weekend.