Back where we should be!

It was relatively painless to get on to a new server and almost as painless to get the WordPress software up and running and the database imported.  It is a good feeling!

As I write this, Wally is on his way home.  The last I checked, he was almost halfway here.  He cannot get here soon enough!  We have never been apart this long.  He has been gone for almost two weeks; he was home for approximately 24 hours the end of last week, but other than that, he’s been in Ohio since May 13.

My heart goes out to him.  I cannot fathom how he feels.  I lost my sister many years ago, but my parents are both still alive.  I am afraid my family is less-than-close.  I talk to my mother and father at least once a week via telephone, but I have not seen them in over ten years.  It is what it is and I know I am not alone in this.

Wally’s family is extremely close and given my upbringing, I have difficulty understanding that.  I am close to Wally, extremely close to Wally!  He is my rock, my best friend in the whole world, a person I can say anything to without fear.  I have never had such a person in my life before.  I have some close friends, unfortunately, one of my closest is now dead, but nothing like the relationship I have with Wally.

Managing the farm by myself has been difficult, but it was not so much the work as the estrangement from Wally.  I am so looking forward to getting life back to normal.

Wally’s daughter will be buried in North Carolina tomorrow afternoon.  After that, hopefully, we can hunker down and get some things done.  I’m afraid Wally’s butt will not come off the mower once he gets on it.  The man that made our rabbit tractors is going to come out on Wednesday and make the stands for the kindling cage and beds for the tractors for overflow rabbits.  Once that’s done, I can really focus on getting this rabbit project going.  I still have to go out in a few minutes and finish taking care of rabbits.  They are all over the place now!  It will be good to get most of them in a centralized location.

I believe I am going to have to hold off on putting young rabbits on pasture until they are a little bit older, at least in the spring.  The wet, cool weather that we’ve had has been hard on them.  They say that you should let a rabbit pasture rest for a year in between rabbits, but I do not know how that would be possible for most people.  I did have rabbits on pasture where there have been no rabbits and I lost some up there too, so that throws that theory in the trash.  The grass in the back may have been too rich for them.  It was lush!  We will figure it out.

I cannot wait for Wally to get home!

Until later …