Sheepishly posting

Okay, I’ve said this before and I am going to do my very best to abide by my words.  Facebook represents much of what I dislike about society today.  It is commercial, shallow, fake, etc., etc. Wally and I recently upgraded to iPhones and while I love mine and do not know how I did without it before, I hate texting.  Hate, hate, hate.  I would so much rather just pick up the phone and talk to people, but everyone wants to text today.  I particularly hate it when I’m outside doing work and I get a text because I cannot read the screen without reading glasses. It sucks getting old.

Remember the good old days when people talked on the telephone and wrote letters?  Now they communicate via Facebook.

Social Media Today writes: “Facebook has designed a system in which the best way to “win” is to appeal to the Edgerank lowest common denominator.  Unlike other networks where you can do whatever you like and succeed based on your brand, the merit of your content, or your storytelling, Facebook has built a system in which the only way to get visibility is to acquire the social signals they deem important, or pay for it.  This leads to the degradation of the entire platform as law firms begin posting “Like if you love Fridays” and realtors posting cat photos.”

Well, I refuse (1) to pay for “likes” or (2) to post stupid things like “like if you love Fridays.”  So, I’m going to put more effort here because this is where I belong.  I am a prolific writer.  I do not know if what I write is worthwhile or not, but it’s something that I have done for a whole lot of years.  Part of my obligations under my RAFI and SARE grants are outreach and I have been negligent about keeping up with those obligations except for on Facebook.  Sure, some people have found Spellcast Farm via Facebook, but I know that many of my posts are not reaching my viewers there because of Facebook’s stupid system.  I cannot fault Facebook for doing what they do because they are trying to make money.  I do not know why people expected the system to stay the same …

I have only a few minutes here because I need to get out and milk Penny and get the rest of my chores done to prepare for the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.  I finished summer session at CVCC this week and as long as nothing weird happens, I will still have my 4.0 grade point average.  The goal during my two weeks off is to get all of the 20+ beds planted with late summer and fall/winter crops.  I truly hope I can achieve that goal.  I hope that the weather starts to normalize a bit.  I am glad we are as diversified as we are.  Even though crops have been a failure this spring/summer; it has been a banner year for pastures and the cows are fat and sassy.  The rabbits (more on the rabbits later, I promise) have started to do better.  The ducks are happy as, well, ducks with all the rain.

played in puddles

Here are some of the images I did for the photography course I took over the summer.  Enjoy!







Early AM


I am going to close this with the final paragraph from Social Media Today:  “For results: It’s simple, our blog is our home.  We can do whatever we want with it.  We are going to continue to focus on growing an email list of people who care about the things we write about.  Our primary focus will be to create content that can help our subscribers.”

This Journal is my home on the web.  If you choose to read what I write, great.  If not, that is fine too.  I am no longer going to count on Facebook to share what I have to say.

Until later …

4 Replies to “Sheepishly posting”

  1. I will miss your fb posts but will look forward to your blog posts! I love your first photo of Gel (sp?) and the sunflower photo especially.

  2. I found you through facebook but must admit that I am not a great facebooker. I don’t have patience for the “Like if you love Jesus or have a bad day” stuff that goes on there. Without being all that into it myself, I just wanted you to know that I admire your decision to make your blog your internet home. Good for you! I have work to do as well but will come back to your blog to live vicariously through you and your really amazing farm. xoxoKel

  3. Welcome back! I so miss your posts on your blog! You are an inspiration for everyone. I also hate Facebook. It’s a waste of time, and there is way too much detail about folk’s personal lives being “shared”. I mean, geez, I’m really not all that interested in how many whiskers one’s pulled out of their chin this morning… Some things are best if just left private. Facebook is also very slow loading up on dialup internet (yes, some of us still use that old technology… it’s cheap and teaches one patience ). Your blog loads up real fine! Even with the photos (which are exquisite, by the way). Have a fabulous weekend!

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