A surreal weekend!

It was a surreal weekend.  Wally had to work on Saturday which means I have to do all of the chores in the morning, load the truck and go to the farmer’s market on my own.  That is a momentous task!  I woke up around 4 and had originally planned to get up that early, but it was pouring.  Given a good bit of the chores are done outside, I figured I’d just wait a while to see if it let up.  Luckily it did and I just finished everything when it started pouring again.  Got a quick shower and the rain let up enough for me to load the truck and head out.

It stayed dry the whole drive to the farmer’s market, but while there, I kept getting text messages about flash flood warnings.  Then Trish, a woman that I occasionally house sit for, called saying they were unable to get out to leave for the beach because their road had flooded.  Huh?  She said that she had already emptied eight inches of rain out of their pool.  Wow!  Then I looked at the radar on my phone and saw the heavy rain stuck over Catawba and Lincoln County.

I packed up and left the farmer’s market close to noon, right in the nick of time!  I just got up on the highway when the skies opened up.  Traffic was reduced to 30 mph with flashers on.

Got home, unloaded the truck and headed down back on the ATV to see that water was just starting to come up from the South Fork River which runs down below our property.  That was odd.  Usually if water is going to rise down there, it does it a day or two after heavy rain.  When Wally got home, we immediately went to Trish’s house to check to see if her power had come back on and take care of things there.  We had to travel a roundabout way to get there because portions of the road leading to her house were closed.

After we finished at Trish’s house, we drove around looking at the flooding.  It was incredible!  I posted some pictures on our Facebook page which, I believe, you can view even if you have not liked the page.  We went back down behind our property to discover flooding like I’ve never seen here in the 11 years I’ve lived here.  A good portion of our neighbor’s fence was completely underwater, which water was flowing at a rapid pace!  A good third of our pasture was underwater.  I am so glad that I had gone down to get the fence charger out of there earlier as that fence was completely submerged.  We had ducks swimming in the pasture!

I thought we lost our small flock of Welsh Harlequin juvenile ducks who were down there swimming.  I am not sure if I shared this story or not (probably not, but it’s on Facebook), but this was the second shipment of Welsh Harlequin ducks we received this year, the first batch got lost by the post office and most of them arrived dead or dying.  This batch had its issues too thanks to all the darned heavy rain we’ve received.  Much to my relief, the group returned a day later, but some were injured.  Hopefully they will recover.

Much of the water has receded, but a large portion of the neighbor’s fence is destroyed.  The last I checked, the lower part of our pasture is still underwater.

The power of Mother Nature is truly extraordinary.  This has been such a wet year.  I believe we received 13 inches of rain in July alone.  Wally and I decided that we were going to stop worrying about trying to keep up with the grass, weeds or garden and just roll with the punches.  Really, there’s nothing else we can do, no matter what! I spent many hours in the garden yesterday cleaning and prepping beds for planting.  I did too much and am about crippled right now.  Today, I’ll get a few beds planted, but only those with big seeds that are not as likely to be displaced because more rain is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

I have some truly amazing tools now: the scythe (who needs a name!), a wheeled weed eater named Herman (to trim between the raised beds) and an amazing broadfork named Boris.  Boris was a birthday present.  He came from Meadow Creature and I highly, highly recommend it.  I was going to get one from a North Carolina company, but now that I’ve used Boris, I know that a wooden handled tool just wouldn’t do what Boris can.  My little red ATV is in the shop today so I will not be able to go out and scythe grass for the rabbits.  They will not be happy!  I may drive to get them some locally grown alfalfa hay to appease them until I get the ATV back.  Wally’s mower and my push mower are in the shop too.  We have been using the crap out of all these tools lately.

Finished the summer semester with straight A’s.  Will be heading on campus today to finish registration and pick up books.  Very much looking forward to this semester.  I am taking two photography courses and two entrepreneurial business courses.

Off to milk.

Until later …