Update on Joe

I think Joe might think he died and went to heaven.  When I got home, I took Gel out to get the sheep and goats and put them up in the fenced-in area.  I fed Kitty and Rose and gave the sheep and goats a loaf of wheat bread that I bought for them on the way home.

Then I fired up the ATV and took all three dogs for a long, long run in the back fields.  Joe ran and ran and ran and ran.  When we got back, he was shaking from the exertion, but was still running.  Darned, I thought to myself, this dog needs to learn if he stays with me, he’s going to get plenty of exercise and work.  I brought him into the fenced-in area and let him go around sheep for a while.  He’s fast, too fast really, he needs to slow down and think about his work more.  It’s as if he’s trying to get all he can get out of a session for fear of not getting more.  He recalled better than he did on Sunday.  As soon as I get a reliable stop on him, he’s going to start to get miles of work, which is what he needs.

I got a call on my way home from work from a friend of mine who is an avid hunter.  He said he’d likely bring me a deer that night, but it wouldn’t be until 8 or 8:30.  I was very excited about that, but wasn’t looking forward to butchering a deer that late in the evening knowing it would keep me up late, but I’m not going to say no to almost free meat.  I need to invest in good tools so that I can do this butchering as easily as possible.  Unfortunately, his hunt was not successful.  He’ll be going out again on Thursday.  Hopefully he’ll get one then.  My arrangement with this man is that I pay him $30 for every deer which he’ll deliver to me intact (I’ll do all the butchering).  He loves to hunt and the money will pay for his gas.  If he comes and hunts on the property I live on, the deer is free.  He can only hunt on my property on Saturday when I’m home.

Wally sent me home with kibble for Joe, but I’ve been feeding him meat which he’s very happy with.  So far, he’s tolerated it well: no diarrhea.  Both Wally and Laura are pleased that Joe is doing so well.  I think they were feeling a bit guilty having him and not giving him anything to do.


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  1. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a dog happy at work or play :o) I once saw a Scottish (?) piece where the sheep dogs recognized several dozen (?) signals, including a “you missed one” to go back and look. What type of signaling do you use, and what in your experience is a common repertoire?

    As to butchering, I use only a reciprocating saw, a large bowie knife that doubles as a cleaver, and a small razor sharp trim knife. I used to have a band saw when I still had my wood working shop, that I often think would be handy :o)

    Glad to see things going well.
    My best to you and yours,
    Lee C

    “Life is a journey of adventure and understanding, traveled along the slippery slope of self gratification.” — ;o)

  2. Gel is almost completely on whistles, but unfortunately, I’m not very good with whistles. He has a stop, walk-up, go right, go left and there whistles. He does know “go back” which was something he learned from working goats who are always trying to trick out the dog, one stops and the rest of the group go on so the dog has to go back and get the single.

    I’m going to write you privately about using a reciprocating saw because I was told that was a good tool.

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