Cleansing …

I am trying to get better organized … really I am, but sometimes things just get so busy that I tend to just throw things here or there and forget about them.

As Wally reads this, he is nodding his head in agreement.

There is so much to juggle here between the farm, school and, well, just plain life.

I had a few minutes to go through the two Rubbermaid containers of summer “work” clothes.  A lot of them no longer fit me.  Not because I’ve gained or lost weight but because I’ve gained muscle both across my chest and my gluteus maximus muscle.  It is not fat (I have some fat on me for sure), it is tight.

So I went from two Rubbermaid container of clothes that I will rarely wear (many of which no longer fit) to one container of clothes that do fit that I can wear whenever I need to clean up.

Have you ever read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball?  Real farmers (I am not talking about corporate farmers or those that get into it after working high paying jobs that ride around on their high dollar four wheel drive vehicles supervising underpaid employees) get dirty … really dirty, pretty much all of the time.  I am one of those.  As I write this, there is dirt under my very short fingernails, huge calluses on my palms (and cuts from rabbit claws), my shirt should be light blue, but it has bleach spots on it and all sorts of dirt, my shorts, which should be black, are sort of molten black/red clay brown.  The hair on my legs is not shaved, I am sure the bottoms of my feet