Ingredients … A much needed dose of why I am doing this.

For the past few days, my mood has been alternating between edgy and irritable to depressed.  I know I am tired and really wish I had longer than two weeks off from school, but I do not.  Yesterday I discovered a different channel on DirecTV channel I have not noticed before called PIVOT.  First I watched Save the Farm and then Ingredients.  Both were great movies, but I really enjoyed Ingredients.

Now I feel better.  Part of the reason I feel better is that Penny, one of our milk cows, is feeling better.  I noticed Sunday night that she was ill and by Monday morning, she was really feeling poorly.  By Monday evening, she was perking up and this morning, she was almost normal.  She had some sort of digestive upset.  Penny is probably my favorite cow.  She’s such a sweetheart and a powerhouse milker.

I got the drakes separated from the female ducks and they are now residing in Drake Jail which is two rolls of electric netting around our stock trailer for shelter.  They are not happy, but I was not happy with their behavior.  It’s hard to imagine an animal worst than a rooster, but drakes are bad news.  They gang rape the female ducks.  They have injured some of the female ducks.  They have an appointment with freezer camp on October 17.