Homeopathy Update

On my drive into work today, I realized just how good I have been feeling lately.  My skin is all but driving me mad, but other than that, I feel really, really good.  I have been incredibly patient with the dogs, which is a good thing!  I think six months ago, Kitty and Rose would have been irritating to me, but now, they are just silly, dopey puppies who just so happen to be doing a really good job for me.  Six months ago, I wouldn’t have even considered bringing Joe home; I didn’t like him in fact, but he’s kind of growing on me now.  He wants to be a good dog, the wants to work, that’s all I ask of any dog.  Fern went through some sort of hormonal weird thing a month or so ago, and she did irritate me, but I worked through it and now she’s fine and our relationship is intact.

Homeopathy is an incredible healing modality.  To think that one dose of little tiny pellets which contain only the energy of the original substance can make someone feel so darned good.  As I said, the skin condition is driving me batty, but that my skin is so bad is an indication that I am getting better.  Ha!  In writing this I just realized that I haven’t woke up at 3:00 AM having allergy attacks in a while.

What I am really enjoying is the incredible sense of well-being. 

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  1. I admire your work, it was pleasure to read your website and learn…about raw food,vaccinations, homeopathy…really insipreing!
    It did help me improve my cats life a lot..but now when my girl is about to have babies, I would like to stock on remedies that might help her..and no homeopathic vet in the aerea.
    Could you please suggest what is a must-have at home? I did find some lists, but hearing it from you would be reassuring.

    Wishing you a lovely afternoon,

  2. Thank you.

    Buy Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth written by Richard Moskowitz, you can buy a used copy pretty inexpensively. Here is a good web page as well: http://www.homeopathy-soh.org/about-homeopathy/what-is-homeopathy/pregnancy-and-childbirth.aspx

    If your cat is well-fed (raw diet) and healthy, she shouldn’t have any problems.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Have you seen my Natural Rearing Notes on-line journal? It is based on cats. It is not as up to date as this one is, but back when I was breeding and showing cats, I kept it up todate.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I live in Europe so I will try to find it here…or order from US:)

    It is amazing, here vets are against raw feeding, as well as majority of other breeders, on one show a breeder did not want to have cage next to ours, as he was worried his cats might catch Salmonella as I feed raw at home…absurd.
    We had to change couple of vets while transitioning to raw…:(
    Fortunately, as time goes by, we need to see vets less.

    My siamese was suspected with amyloidosis, since we made the switch to raw and I decided not to vaccinate him any more ( I am keeping it to myself ) he recovered and is a strong, healthy cat now.

    I wish people here would see the benefits of natural food for our pets, but food industry is just too involved in vet schooling and breeding, it is a witch hunt on everybody who tries to speak up or make people think. 🙁

    Thank you once again for sharing your experience..it is an inspiration. And I have just discovered your blog 🙂

    Now excuse me, one spotted monster came to inform me it is time for me to go and wash the bathroom floor after the rabbit dinner 🙂

    P.S.I found the Journal :):):):):) looking forward to start reading it:)

  4. Welcome to the witch hunt. Glad to have you. Hope you don’t get burned at the stake. So far, I’ve escaped each time they try to burn me.

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