Rabbits and Ducks

The rabbits are finally starting to do well.  I wrote a while back about an entire litter of American Chinchillas that I thought I was going to lose so I put them back into a conventional cage.  They survived and are now back out in a tractor.  I had another litter in the same tractor the Chins were in go downhill, quickly!  I lost all of them.  It seems there is some sort of bacterial or viral factor in that area that is causing trouble so I am going to completely move the tractor onto new ground and then burn that area with the flame weeder.  Odd that only one tractor has been causing problems.  It probably would be a good idea when I clean a tractor out to burn the area with the flame weeder.  Usually I clean out the tractor, lime the area and them leave it exposed to the sun (wait, what sun?) for several days before I use the tractor again.  I think that’s the deciding factor right now, what sun?  As I write this, it is pouring.

School started last week and I have already almost had a melt down.  I knew the photography courses were going to be demanding, but I did not expect the other two to be.  I was wrong!  Luckily, the other two are only eight weeks long so I am going to be struggling for eight weeks to keep ahead.  The other two classes will be very beneficial to the farm so I am going to stick with them.

We increased our duck flock by some 70 ducks.  We still are not getting many eggs, but I believe it simply is not egg season and once it cools off, we should be getting lots of eggs again.  It is extremely tempting to switch to conventional layer feed (i.e. feed loaded with soy and corn), but I will not.

I see spots!  Lots of them!  Of the 70 ducks, about 20 were drakes who are now in “drake jail” with an appointment with the processor on October 17.

spots (1 of 1)

Until later …

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  1. My son Marc, in PA is crazy about duck and will surely be a good customer when he visits in December. He saves every drop of duck fat to use in cooking and has made duck confit.

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