I got a nice hoop shelter made out of cattle panels for the goats and dogs.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be.  I was worried about the goats climbing on it, but guess who think it is a great jungle gym: the puppies!  I’ll have to put an end to those shenanigans because I don’t want to have to continue to replace the tarp.  It will be an easy fix.

In the early afternoon, I went over to Wally’s to work sheep.  I worked my three dogs until Wally returned with his family.  His daughter and her husband are visiting from Ohio.  When he let his dogs out to go to the bathroom, I elected to put Joe up in a crate so he wouldn’t be a part of that frenzy.  Then I worked Kessie.  She worked okay, but was extremely zippy.  She’s lost some of her natural outrun from running fly ball.  Initially, she had a hard time getting the sheep out of the woods and I had to go and help her.  She’ll be able to run Novice/Novice okay on Saturday.  I can’t see my being able to get her much further than that given that she lives away from me and has little discipline in her everyday life.  I believe that a Border Collie can engage in some other activities and still be a decent stock dog, but I don’t think fly ball is one of them.

Kessie got winded after only about ten minutes of work so I stopped and got Joe out for his second training session.  He worked wonderfully, better than Kessie actually.  Wally could see a huge difference in his manner; Laura (Wally’s wife) said he seemed very serious about his work.  I agree, he’s much more thoughtful about his work than he was last week.  He still isn’t stopping all that well, nor is he calling off stock easily, but that will come in time.  When I was through working him, I used him to take the sheep back to their pasture.  I could see Wally was worried about my doing that, but I felt Joe could manage and sure enough, he did a fine job of it.

While working Kessie, I noticed her teeth looked very brown.  Kessie and Joe turned two in September, her teeth look like that of a much older dog.  I hope that Laura takes my suggestion that they start to get some recreational bones into her diet.  Joe’s teeth already look almost as good as Gel and Fern’s.  He’s eating his raw food with enthusiasm and doesn’t seem to have had any stomach upset from the transition.

Off to take the dogs for a run, finish grinding rabbits and then head to Statesville to get another 60 pounds of rabbit.  Later on today I’ll drive to the venison processor for scraps.  I have a lot on the agenda today.  So what else is new?