Thoughts on processing animals

We brought two cows to the processor this past Monday, one full-sized cow and a calf for veal.  I helped load them, but Wally dropped them off (I had school).  I hate taking cows to the processor.  I worry terribly about how the animals are handled from the time they get dropped off to the time they are killed.  When we take animals to the processor in Marion (rabbits and ducks) I am able to stay there from start to finish.  I witness the killing and that way I can be certain that they are handled kindly from start to finish.  I cannot do that with the cows and it weighs terribly on me.

Lots is weighing on me lately.

School has been hard this semester.  I mistakenly registered for two eight week classes – that’s 16 weeks of content crammed into eight.  These are demanding classes.  I am seriously in the weeds which is why this journal has not been updated lately.  I have images to post and will try to do that later today.

Until later …


2 Replies to “Thoughts on processing animals”

  1. Is the drop-add period over? If not, jump on it. You might even consider asking one teacher for an I and complete the class next time. There’s too much stress in our lives without adding more.

  2. Wanda,

    It is well past the add/drop period. I appreciate your concern, but I am not in the habit of quitting. School is not supposed to be easy, especially when I am going full-time and working a full-time job. I will get through it and learn from it.

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