Sharing … quickly

I just came into my office to check e-mail.  The day hasn’t been going all so well.  Kitty and Rose seem determined to maul ducks.  I can keep them separated for the most part, but if the ducks get out, which I’d rather they didn’t, they sometimes go into the fenced-in area where their are fair game.

I got the bright idea of putting the puppies in the duck pen and supervise their interactions.  As I got them in there, I heard goats calling to each other.  I looked up to see two goats running up over the hill towards Red’s house.  Shoot!  Got Gel and sent him up for them.

Went back to the duck pasture and found Kitty and Rose mauling a duck.  Corrected them for that, then took them out of the duck pasture, fired up the ATV and headed up to Red’s to retrieve the goats and sheep.

When we got back, I dumped out the duck swimming pool, refilled it, cleaned out and refilled the water container in the fenced-in area and came back into the house.  I caught Rose, no easy feat, and took the dead duck off her neck.  While it may be a tried and true method to deter poultry killing, if one of my neighbors saw it, I’d probably have animal control called on me.

I am supposed to go over to Wally’s for a barbecue this afternoon, but I doubt I’ll make it.  I have too darned much to do.  In a few minutes, I’m heading out to mow paths to re-set my fence.  I’m dreading doing this because I keep getting rashes from being out in the tall grass

The sharing: as I write this, all three Border Collies are lying at my feet.  The differences between last week’s Joe and what he is today are nothing short of extraordinary.  He’s a calm relaxed, happy dog.  I’m glad I was able to offer him that.  He deserves it.

Off to mow.  Agh.