The end is in sight!

This semester has been the most difficult to date.  The two Internet courses that I took were 16 week courses crammed into eight weeks.  They are also very demanding!  I am working hard to maintain my 4.0 GPA and neither of these classes is a given A: I have had to work for it!  I finished one of them this week and have a bit more work to do for the second, but I hope to have it done by the end of the week.  I am very much enjoying my photography courses, but they are challenging as well.  Again, an A is not a given in these classes … I cannot just take snap shots and turn them in.  They must be properly composed, cropped and edited.  Agh!

Plus, I entered and made the semi-finals for another Shark Tank-like competition.  This one is held in Charlotte and I expect will be even more competitive than the one held on campus earlier this year.  I caught a cold a few weeks ago that migrated to my chest.  I hope by then I’ll be able to talk without coughing!  My presentation will be similar to the one I did on campus, but that’s just one more thing to prepare for this coming week.  While I do not expect to make the finals, there are cash prices involved which is pretty cool!

As always, the farm is demanding.  I wrote in this week’s newsletter that while the Federal Government may be shut down, here at Spellcast Farm, we are still plugging away.  I think we should toss all of those powers-that-be out into a true working farm for a month, make them do manual labor (I am talking with a pitch fork and shovel) and learn to work together.  We’d make them grow, harvest, clean and cook all of their own food.  Then we’ll see if they could figure out a way to get along and get a job done. Heck, they’d probably starve to death.

Is that not the truth? So many people have lost their connection with food.  Not only where it comes from, but how to grow and prepare it.  I wish I had a dollar for every individual that I have met at the Farmer’s Market that does not know how to cut up a chicken.  They want parts.  Give science time, they’ll be growing chickens with just breasts or maybe breasts and wings.

Wally and I bit the bullet this week and put a deposit on three piglets.  We’ve resisted getting more pigs because they can be difficult to keep in, but we’ve got way more raw milk than we need, the calves can only drink so much and well, Wally and I love pork.  So we’ll raise these piglets on whole grains, vegetables, whey and milk and they will be very, very tasty.  Pigs are entertaining, aggravating, but entertaining.

Well, I had better get going.  I have a paper to write on Disney’s innovation so I best get going on that.

Until later …