Still here ….

So sorry for not writing.  I am going to try, really hard, to be better at updating this Journal.  I bought myself a present recently: an iPad!  Everyday to school now I carry my camera bag that includes: two cameras, four lenses, spare batteries, flash, etc.  It’s heavy.  Not quite as heavy as the two-five-gallon buckets of warm water that I carry down to the milk cows every morning or the 50 pounds of milk and stainless steel tote that I carry up the hill every morning (and sometimes evening), but it’s heavy.

School has been amazing!  I have learned so much and had so much fun.  We went on wonderful field trips to neat places: places that I will visit again and again!  It is over December 16!  I can’t believe it.  The goal during the few weeks that I’ll be off is to (1) get the farm expenses and Quickbooks account set up; and (2) do some baking for holiday gifts.  Not to mention all the farm stuff and housework I need to catch up on.

I do not know if I wrote or not, probably not, that I won another Shark Tank-like competition, this time a national competition.  It surreal!  That I even made the semi-finals was amazing, but to win it!  Unfortunately they did not get the description of my idea correct, but oh well.  I won $1,000!  I decided to put some of that money towards an iPad Air.  The more I use Apple products, the more I like them. Eventually I’ll trade in PCs for all Apple products, but that will be when I am rich!  With the iPad, I can download photos off my cameras remotely and then upload them to the cloud for safekeeping.  Plus, it will be easier to review them remotely.  I have difficulty seeing images on the screen on the back of the camera.  Having the device to download photos this past Sunday when I was out working with alternative means of photographing would have been useful.

Anyway.  Things on the farm are okay.  We had a tragedy last week:  Cocoa.  She either slipped or the bull pushed her into a culvert that was made deeper during all the floods we had this spring and summer. She should have been able to get out, but she must have fallen in such a way that she either could not right herself into a position where she could get up or she injured herself during the fall. We found her Sunday morning. We tried to get her out, but to no avail so we had to pull her out with the truck. Once we got her out on level ground, we were able to get her in an upright (lying) position and gave her food and water. By the end of the day on Sunday, we knew she was not going to be able to get up and had to euthanize her. “Downed cows” are common in dairies. I do not know what it is about them, I think it’s their hip structure, but if a dairy cow falls in a certain way, often they cannot get back up.

Today is my early morning for school so I need to end this now and get going.  It’s a lot to do before leaving the house at 7:30:

  • Milking two cows;
  • Carrying warm water back down to the cows;
  • Processing the milk;
  • Feeding and watering 200+ rabbits;
  • Searching for duck eggs;
  • Making myself reasonably presentable to go to school (I imagine what some of those students say about me, no matter, when all the Wal-Marts close, I’ll have food and know how to raise more.)

Until later …

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