Digital Photography and Photoshop

One of the classes that I took this semester is called Digital I.  It is a Photoshop class.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount.  One of the projects was to make a Montage, which is a collage, based on a song or poem.  I chose this poem:

The Falling Of Time..

At the top of a hill

close to the county line

I found her falling…

A house

that once held

laughter and tears…

so silently she seemed

to be dying..

surrounded by fencelines

and weeds…

the old barn

stronger than her

faithfully stood

at her side…

His memories too

have been many…..

the rust on the silos

spoke of  time

standing still

against blue skies………..

and the reaping of

seeds once sowed

on fertile land.


By: Connetta Jean


And here’s the Montage:


It is a composition of at least five different images, all taken by me, merged into one.  The barn in the photo was not red, I painted it.  I had fun doing this project.

The final project is a movie poster.  Originally I was going to do Charlotte’s Web because I have numerous images of writing spiders (the type of spider in Charlotte’s Web), but “selecting” (cutting out) the spider from the original image was proving beyond tedious, the web would have been close to impossible!  The pigs were not being cooperative about having their picture taken either.

I decided instead to do Watership Down.  This is the movie poster I’ll work off:

Watership down


In general, the bunnies were much more cooperative.  I believe I have the image I need here:

Watership Down Bunny (1 of 1)


Remember, I said for the most part, the bunnies were not cooperative.  This one was camera shy:

Bunny (1 of 1)

Today for my photography class we are going on our last field trip.  It is not as exciting as previous field trips have been, but it will be okay.

Until later …

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