Didn’t get much done …

Went out to mow paths for the ElectroNet and realized the grass was just too darned tall to try to go through it with a push lawn mower, that it was wet made it even worst.  So, I took down the fence, stacked it up in one place and took the dogs for a run.  Visited with Red for a few minutes, then came back to the house.

Puttered a bit in the house, then called to see if my venison scraps were ready.  They were so I headed out to pick them up.  Visited for a while: I like these people, they are down-to-earth, hard working individuals.  They are what they appear to be, no candy-coating or false pretenses.  These are the kind of people I get along best with.

Headed back home and unpacked the venison.  All of the dogs will have a big supply of bones to chew on today.  Kitty and Rose got an entire rib cage.  I fed some of the venison to the Border Collies and cats and packed the rest of it into my freezer.  I got probably 30 pounds, if not more, of good meat plus lots of meaty bones for the price of a case of beer.  A pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

Last night I heard a dog’s alarm bark.  It sounded like it came from near the pond, but given how sound carries, it was hard to tell.  I don’t think it was a coyote, but who knows.  You should have heard the ruckus between the neighbor’s dogs and Kitty and Rose!  I don’t think much of anything is going to be coming around here with this canine alarm system in place.

I was down on Kitty and Rose this weekend.  Khaki Campbell ducks are hard to come by.  I know they didn’t kill it for the sake of killing: they played with it to death.  I’ll just have to make sure that the ducks do not have the opportunity to go into the fenced-in area while the dogs are in there.  That is easy to do.  I’ll set my ElectroNet on my property tonight.  The grass is not very tall, but there is enough for them to graze on for a week or two until I can move them again.  Hopefully they’ll cut the fields around me soon.

Gas is still a problem in the south.  The more and more I hear about the state of the economy, bail-outs, the gas crisis, negative politician ads and so on, the more I wish I could move up on top of a mountain and get away from it all.  We live in a very scary place.