Thoughts on Gym Memberships

Okay, I see people talking about going to the gym to “work out.”  I’m going to start selling gym memberships here.  You can haul stainless steel totes, a bucket of wash water, and inflators to the milk machine down the hill.  This takes a great bit of balance and grace so that you do not fall or slip down the hill.  It also takes some vision skill to make sure you do not step on the frozen hose pipe and slip on it.  Then you set up the milk machine (using brain power and coordination) and haul 40+ pound tubs of feed for the cows to eat while you milk them.  Said feed includes about 20 pounds of Chaffhaye plus a grain mixture (remember, no corn, soy or GM feeds included).  Milk cows and haul slightly lighter tubs of feed out to the side pasture.  Once cows are finished milking, pour milk from milk machine into totes and then carry a good 50 pounds of milk and stainless steel tote UP the hill (both cardiovascular and strength workout).  Pour off milk into glass jars.  Then fill up two five gallon buckets of hot water and carry that back down the hill for the cows to drink.  I’d say that would be worth a gym membership for someone wanting to get into shape, no???

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  1. Where do I sign up?

    The real farm experience…. you could run something like a “dude ranch”, where folks do their share of farm work for bed and breakfast…

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