Mud …

If you were to start rolling a ball at the gate that enters to the Farm, unless Gel caught it, the ball would roll all the way down the driveway, past the house (which sits in a ditch [really!]) down past where I milk the cows and where we store our hay and feed, on down to where the pigs live.  It is not until you get past where the pigs live and into the beginning 100 feet or so of the back pasture before you start going up a hill again.  When we get heavy rain, like we got Saturday night into Sunday morning, it is a mud pit here.  Cows walking through the mud makes it that much worst.  We won’t even talk about what the pigs do to the soil.  They seem quite happy to have soft soil to root in, but carrying their feed in to them is not pleasant.  In fact, I fell in there yesterday morning.  Luckily they did not eat me.  Wally fell while letting up the milk cows yesterday evening.  It sucks.

But, it is what it is and we have to make the best of it.  We always make do, somehow.  I hope some day it will be easier for us to farm.  Farming is not supposed to be easy, but really, it should not be quite as hard as it is here on some days.

Wally was off all last week and we enjoyed a lot of R&R.  I called it “Slugdom.”  We had things to get done, but much of it did not get done.  Two of the major things were working on the shelter where I milk the cows and fixing the panels to the pig pasture so that we do not need to go in there to feed them.  We got several inches of rain the Sunday and Monday last week and then this past Sunday again.  It will get done one day.

I am procrastinating.  My goals for when I am off school until January 8 are to get a year’s worth of income and expenses entered into Quickbooks (now that I’ve got it running on the Mac) and to deep clean one room a day.  Plus I need to catch up on rabbit processing, cleaning out rabbit tractors, etc., etc.  It’s not going so well so far.

While I do not think it’s a great idea to set New Year’s Resolutions, it’s hard not to.  One of the things that I want to make it a point to do next year is to take pictures of the farm each month and keep them aside to be put into either a book or a calendar to sell or give as gifts next year.  It’s so ugly here now that it’s hard finding anything nice to photograph.  I was out yesterday and took a few photos.

This is silly Buckwheat.



I suppose it’s pretty exotic to find flowers in December, but our rosemary plant is blooming.



Okay, I’m going to go and get me something to drink and then I’m going to dive into December 2013 income and expenses.

Until later …